Wednesday, September 1, 2010

They say...

They say a picture is worth a thousand words.  If that's true, then a motion picture, or movie must be worth so much more.  Right?  Well, it probably would be if it was actually captured and saved.

Emma and I were at the park strolling this afternoon and I decided to take her to the edge of the lake to look at the ducks.  We stroll out there a lot and she sees the ducks from a distance, but we hadn't gotten up close until today.

After our stroll today, I asked Emma if she would like to go see the ducks.  Of course she did, and was so enthusiastic about it!  We packed up our stroller and I let her walk beside me.  She reached up for my hand and I honestly almost cried!  How sweet was that!

Anyway, as we walked along the path to the water's edge, Emma kept saying, "Ready.  (L)Et's go!  See ducks!  Cack, cack (Quack, quack)!  I had my phone and decided to call Chuck so that he could hear how excited she was.  Of course, he didn't answer, and when he called back, Emma wouldn't say a word.  But he suggested that I record her if she started again.

And, wouldn't you know it, the second I hang up, she starts chattering away again.  So, I fidgeted with my phone until I got the video app pulled up and ready.  I started videoing and she put on quite the show.

Emma talked and said ducks until they came over to where we were standing.  She was thrilled with the idea that the ducks were so close, but stomped her feet when the started to swim away.  I quickly grabbed her cup full of 'whale' crackers and threw some in the water.  The ducks immediately turned around and came back.

I kept tossing crackers in the water, much to Emma's dismay, but it kept the ducks around... All of a sudden, this one duck decided to get out of the water and come close to us.  We seriously could have touched it!  And, as great as that was, I was also thinking that it probably wasn't the safest idea.

Emma was enthralled with this duck that came close to her.  But seriously, all I could think was, "Do ducks bite? Do they have teeth?  What if it pecks her?  What kind of disease do ducks carry?"

Really, though, Emma was hopping up and down screaming and eating her whales and this duck was maybe two feet from her.  It would watch her grab crackers out of her cup, and if she dropped one, it was all over it... Even risking getting stepped on!

Finally, I had endured all that I could and started tossing crackers in the water so the duck would go away.  I scooped Emma up and got ready to head back to the car.  As we were leaving, Emma waved at the ducks and shouted, "Bye, see you later!"  Then she chattered some more, but all I could make out was ducks, swimming, and bye.

Through all of this I was recording, and was so excited to send it to Chuck and share it here with all of you.  However, when I tried to pull it up, I found that it wasn't there.  Some how I managed to delete the entire video!  Are you kidding me!?!?!?  I was so upset that I managed to do this.  But, what can I do.

Maybe we'll have another moment like that with the ducks and I will be able to actually capture it and SAVE it!

Until next time...

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