Monday, September 6, 2010

Happy Labor Day

Happy Labor Day to all!  I hope that you didn't have to do too much labor today!  Thank goodness I didn't!

We have had a pretty good day around here.  We had a leisurely morning that included an awesome nap for me and Emma.  Then Chuck, Emma, our dogs and I went to Buckhaven...our lake house that we are in the process of building with our good friends, the R's,  that is so far in the backside of no where you literally have to know the GPS coordinates to get there!  It is so awesome, though, to be in the middle of no where.

Chuck did a little work while we were there... it isn't completed yet, but really close!  And Emma and I colored and wandered around outside.  She walked directly to the water, and would have gone in after our lab, Maci, but she sunk in the mud.  And, in true Emma fashion, when she realized that she was ankle deep in mud, she stiffened up completely and screamed.  Then, she proceeded to scream until I got her back to the house and cleaned up.

I let her go back out on the front porch without her shoes which was a set-up for disaster.  Meiko, our Yorkie, would run from her and she couldn't get off the porch to chase him.  She stood at the edge screaming, "Meiko. Back!"

When we did go back in, Meiko followed and it didn't take Emma long to figure out a way to his heart... She was eating Cheetos and found that Meiko really, really likes them!  So, Emma and Meiko sat in the floor eating Cheetos.

As much as I don't like for her to feed him people food, they were both loving it so much that I couldn't put a stop to it.  Not to mention that Emma would giggle like crazy and I love to hear that.  And, though they have always loved each other, I think they took their relationship to another level today.  Which makes me super happy!

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