Sunday, September 12, 2010

Crazy, Busy

What a crazy, busy weekend it has been!

Thursday, we went to Starkville for the MSU v. Auburn game.  It was so much fun, even though we didn't come out with a win.  I have faith that the Bulldog program is well on its way to seasons of nothing but wins.  After the game, which Emma and I made it through all but the last minute and a half, we went back to the tailgate for a few minutes.  Then, after visiting with everyone there and eating a little more, we battled traffic and went to our hotel.  Having the hotel has been so nice, especially since this was a 6:30 game and it was LATE when it was over.

While we were getting unloaded and up to our room at the hotel, we ran into a good many of the ESPN crew.  We were on the elevator together and they were so, so kind to hold the doors and such since I had my hands full with Emma and all of our stuff.  Then, when we went back down to move the car and get our milk from the hotel restaurant fridge we literally ran into Jesse Palmer.  I was pretty excited because he played for Florida when I was in college.  I actually saw him play against MSU in Starkville.  I was a pretty big fan of his back then.  So, it was kind of neat... Yes, I realize I'm a dork like that!

Anyway, I finally got Emma to sleep around 11:45 Thursday night and then early Friday morning we got up and went to Calhoun City to visit my parents.  We spent Friday visiting with Granna, Pop, Grandmother, Papaw, Laila and Aunt Jenn.  I was so thankful for the visit, and for the ability to nap, because I wasn't feeling well.  We cooked fish that night and went to bed.

Saturday, we got up and started playing.  Laila came early, so they started playing hard very early.  I had a photo shoot that was scheduled for the afternoon, but after some discussion we moved it up.  It's a good thing we did because it rained off and on all afternoon.  Granted, it rained off and on that morning.  However, we were able to get some really great shots and I can't wait to show off this beautiful family.

Later that day, Emma, Granna and I went to Laila's house to let the girls play some more and help Jenn get ready to have company.  Oh, and she brought me a much needed snack from Sonic... I was still struggling!  I am so ready for this 'morning sickness' to pass!

A little later, after naps and relaxing, Emma and I went back to Jenn and Justin's for supper for the Weeks family.  They have two of the most precious little girls!  They are 2 and 4 1/2 months.  Emma had so much fun playing with Laila and M.  Plus, she was completely enthralled with the baby, S.  When she saw her, she stopped playing, walked over to her and said, "Sweet baby.  Hold her."  It was so sweet!  My heart melted!  She also would walk over to S while she was in her chair and would talk to her and lay her head down on the chair beside her.  I really think she is going to love our new baby immediately!  After lots of playing I took Emma back to Granna and Pops and put her to bed.

Today, it was another early morning for Emma.  This child refuses to sleep in!  But, she played with Granna and Pop and then got ready to go to Church with them.  Once again, I wasn't feeling well, so I got her ready and laid back down.  Getting her ready, though, was quite the challenge.  She would run from me and then would turn limp when I caught her.  She wiggled and kicked while I dressed her and then, when I finally got done, she went to the door and said, "Ready."  Another meltdown followed when Granna and Pop told her that it wasn't quite time to go.  She stomped her feet and screamed "READY!"  Finally, Pop took her outside to kill time until Church.  I packed her pack-pack (backpack) with lots to keep her entertained, and truly expected them to return early with her.

Pop came back in bragging that she was still and quite the entire time... And, well, she was still and quite because she was asleep.  They have no idea how lucky they got with that!

After lunch, Emma, Granna and I went to visit with the H family that I grew up babysitting for.  I am shooting their oldest daughter, E's, senior pictures, so we had a meeting today to go over her clothes.  It was so much fun to hang out with them.  I sat in the floor and we talked boys and clothes and school.  I think the last time I was there it was me talking boys, clothes and school!  The tables have definitely turned!  Emma had a blast playing with their youngest daughter, who she called Taddy.  

Once we wrapped that up, it was time to head back to Granna's and pack up our stuff to head home.  While I was loading the car, she talked Pop into getting her a sicle, a Popsicle.  They sat and ate those while Granna and I made a final check.  When she finished that sicle, she cried for another, but Pop was able to distract her with the idea of going outside.  He loaded her into her car seat, handed her her milk, paci and diaper and then we all said our good-byes.

It was a long two-hour drive home, but with suckles (suckers) and Tigger, we made it.  We got in and visited with Daddy, had dinner and then it was time for our bedtime routine.  It only took long enough for me to lay her in bed before she was asleep.  Hopefully she will rest well and be ready for another crazy, busy week, because it is going to be one!

Hope your weekend was filled with as much fun as ours and you have a great week up ahead.  We are all excited about my first doctor's appointment on Thursday.  I can't wait to hear this baby's heartbeat!  I don't expect a sonogram, but, if I do have one, I'll post pictures!

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