Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Ready to Run

Remember my post about my new True Balance shoes?  If not, you can click here to read it.

Well, again, while I haven't seen any real weight loss, I have noticed that I do feel better when I wear them.  I know that it is probably psychological, but whatever works... Right?

Since I have been wearing these shoes, I have been motivated to move more.  And, the more I move, the more I want to move.  This is the domino effect that I have been desperately trying to start sever since I gave birth to Emma.  It's funny how something like a new pair of shoes can get it going!

Anyway, in the past few weeks of wearing these shoes, I have finally committed to, invested in, etc. a jogging stroller.  And, with that, I invested in a watch that monitors heart rate.

I received my watch before the stroller, so I set it up and prepared for it to monitor my progress.  I thought that I would be able to tell it when to start.

No such luck.

Because my stroller hadn't come in, and I didn't want to use my regular stroller, heaven forbid I have to use a regular stroller!  I didn't do any type of activity the first week that I had my watch.  Not a big deal, right?


One week after setting up my watch, I notice that it has little envelope looking things on the display.  Hmmm, I didn't know my watch had email! Cool.  But, wait, how does it know my email address?  That wan't a setting that I entered...

 It took a while, but I finally figured out how to read my message.  I scoured the manual, pressed the right combination of buttons and poof!  A message!

So, what did this message say?  It said something along the lines of  'Training week one incomplete, failure.'

What! Are you kidding me!  I wasn't even training yet!  I wanted to stomp on this stupid watch and see if it called me a failure then!  However, as ticked off as I was, I was also determined to never receive this message again.

I tried hard to delete this rude message, but obviously the creators of this watch knew what they were doing... You can't get rid of the message!  And, if I press the wrong button, it still flashes this rudeness in my face!  

And, if that encounter wasn't bad enough, I realized that I still had another message.  What now!?!? I wondered.  Again, I pressed the appropriate combination of buttons, and POOF!  Another message... This time it said, "Time to check your weight."  

Uh, I think not.  We've already determined that I did not do any form of physical activity, so I'm pretty sure that if anything, I gained weight.  So, I punched in the same weight that I was when I set up the watch and moved on.  

Finally, my stroller came in, and since, Emma and I have been burning up the pavement.  My watch has been flashing much nicer messages these day, like, 'Maximum performance and fitness improving.'  

Yay!  I am glad to know that I haven't disappointed my watch lately!

My next goal, after getting used to pushing a 32 pound stroller with a 28 pound toddler in it?


And, because Apple is super nifty, they have an app for the iPhone called C25K... Couch to 5K.  It tells you when to warm-up, run, walk, and cool down.  All in preparation for a 5K.  Whether or not I'll actually run a 5K remains to be seen.  I would like to, but even if I don't... Just to say that I can will be great.

Hopefully, all of this motivation continues and I will always be Ready to Run!

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