Sunday, August 22, 2010

Pop's Back!

Pop came home Thursday!  And, we couldn't be happier!

Emma's Pop, my Daddy, spends his summers working in Iowa crop dusting corn and beans.  We all know that he will be going each summer around the fourth of July, and spend each day he is gone anxiously awaiting his return.  And while we know it is coming, I don't think we are ever truly prepared for the long days of his absence.

Especially me, especially now.

Why?  Well, because Emma is little and with little ones comes so much growth and change in rapid fashion.  So, each day that she doesn't see her Pop, the more he misses.  Not that anyone other than Chuck and myself 'see' all the changes that occur daily, but when Pop is gone for six weeks at a time, it just magnifies... to me anyway... what he and Emma miss.

It's hard enough to get to see Granna and Pop since we live a little over two hours away.  And, I want so badly for her to know them like I do.  I want her to be around them enough to be able to realize just how special they are... even if it takes her twenty years (like her Mama) to realize they are the greatest!

I admit, I'm still Daddy's Little Girl.  And I want Emma to be a Daddy's Girl.  But I want her to be Pop's Girl too.  After this weekend, I have no doubt that she will be both and will recognize just how special they both are.

When we arrived at Granna and Pop's this weekend, he unbuckled her and got her out of her seat.  I thought she was going to be a little shy since it had been a while since seeing him, and so I teared up even before I had reason!  She didn't, though.  She let him get her out and they went about playing.

They played outside... Emma's favorite thing to do... jumping on the trampoline, swinging her baby doll, scooping the water out of the pool and into her lap and riding the gator.  You wouldn't know that any time had passed, which also made me tear up!

Then Pop had to go out to the airport to finish some things up for the day before we went out for dinner.  When he left Emma with me, she was so upset!  She wanted to go with Pop!  She cried and would say "Poooooooop!"  I finally distracted her and calmed her down. We went to eat and she sat with him and ate off of his plate.  Then, once we got home, she led him all over the house and, I think she even talked him into getting her a Popsicle.

The next morning she looked for him and called for him repeatedly.  When he finally got back from riding his motorcycle and she saw him, she squealed with delight.  Her eyes and entire face lit up whenever he came into the room.

Laila came over Saturday afternoon, and I really don't know who was happier... the girls or Pop.  They played all afternoon.  He brought them pink My Little Ponies and you would have thought he handed them the world.  Emma and Laila both have carried those ponies everywhere ever since they got them!

All weekend long, every time Pop came near, Emma wanted him.  And, any time he left, she cried for him.  It was as heartwarming as it was heartbreaking!

When it came time for us to go, she cried as we backed out of the drive way.  The when we passed the airport she perked up and asked for Pop.  Once she realized that we weren't stopping to see him, another meltdown ensued.

Hopefully, it will be sooner rather than later when we see Pop, Granna, and the rest of the crew again.  As much as I am enjoying living in Meridian, I get terribly homesick for my family.  However, it is weekends like these that get me through to the next visit.

So, Granna, Pop, Jee-Jee, Uncle Justin, Aunt Jenn, Laila, Grandmother, Papaw, and the rest of the crew...

Miss ya already!  Love you!

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