Thursday, August 5, 2010

A night like that

You know those nights when you have reached your breaking point?  When you ask yourself, Is this really MY life?  We have all been there.  I suppose it is just the way life is, but that doesn't make it any more bearable.  

Well, I can say that I was so there yesterday.  I wasn't feeling well, but couldn't pinpoint what felt bad...  I almost fainted at one point and I don't really know why...  Emma woke up from her afternoon nap screaming and proceeded to scream for another 15-20 minutes for a still undetermined reason.  And then Chuck came home wanting to do something.  What?  I still am not sure, but he was obviously disappointed that I wasn't feeling the same enthusiasm for life that he was feeling.  

Being the sweet husband and Daddy that he is, he offered to take Emma to his parents' for a little while and let me just relax.  So, he took her to visit and came back to check on me.  Though he wanted really to do something, he could tell that I wasn't feeling up to it.  So, he sat on the couch with me and we just talked... No t.v., no Emma, no distractions.  It was wonderful!  And though it was just for an hour, it did me a world of good.  

When he went back to pick up Emma, he was going to swing by the grocery store and grab some fish to grill for supper.  After he left and before making it in the grocery store, he realized that he had forgotten his wallet. So, he brought Emma home and set back out to the grocery... I think he was afraid to try to tackle the grocery store with Emma and tow and intentionally forgot his wallet.  But shhh!  Don't tell him!

Anyway, back to the store he went.  While he was gone, I began working on my Basil Pesto sauce for the pasta that was to go with our fish.  Then, not surprisingly, I get a text... What did you need me to get?  I texted back Pasta.  A few minutes later, though, my phone rings.  It's Chuck.  I swear he can't go pick up the ingredients for what he is cooking without calling me about it!  Oh well... 

I answered and he went into this long spill about how great the fresh shrimp look and he wanted to cook those instead of fish.  I was totally okay with it, and after another forever on the phone discussing groceries...oh, yes, this is a regular occurrence if he goes to the store... we finally hang up.

Luckily, I am a great multi-tasker and had completed my pasta sauce.  Next, I open the pantry to get out the potatoes for our shrimp boil.  Somehow, though, I never actually got to them, but Emma did.  I looked up from filling pots of water to boil to see her rolling the potatoes across the kitchen floor and giggling, saying apple the whole time.  I couldn't help but laugh, and notice that my mood had begun to lighten.

Once Chuck got home from the store, he unloaded the groceries... shrimp, corn, garlic, fish, and beer...lots of beer...three or four different varieties of beer.  I just cracked up.  Who needs that much beer?  Anyway, he said he was just trying some different varieties of lower calorie beer.  Okay, whatever.

We both get busy working on supper and simultaneously keeping an eye on Emma.  All is well until it's time to put the apples in the pot to boil.  That led to a melt-down, that luckily was short lived.  She quickly found something else to entertain herself.  

Finally, everything was ready... music was playing, beer was cold, shrimp were spicy... and we sat down to eat.  Emma wouldn't touch the pasta, potatoes, or corn, but loved the spiders, aka shrimp.  So, we all sat down at the table, blessed the food and began to eat.  I'm not sure what song came on, but Emma began to chair dance, you know... dancing while still sitting in your chair.  Chuck and I laughed and joined in which only led to her dancing more.  We had finished up supper and I took Emma to the tub.  

Once clean and jammied, we went back into the kitchen to get a cup of milk.  She was drinking her milk when a Madonna song came on and Chuck busted out in song and dance.  This led to Emma busting out a dance of her own.  

She and Chuck danced while I scrambled to find my video camera... It is moments like this that I live for capturing!  I finally found it and videoed as they danced away to Madonna and then Michael Jackson.  It was fun times for all... I even got in on the action while videoing! 

We danced in the kitchen for the better part of an hour before putting Emma to bed.  It was a blast!  And, it was as I laid her in her bed, with Chuck by my side, that I realized that no matter how rotten I feel, or how terrible my day has been, it is all worth it for nights like this.  And, though I knew it before, I was reminded just exactly why I love my life as it is and wouldn't change a thing!

Here's a little piece of the action... Enjoy!

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