Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Electrolux... The Saga Continues

Well, unfortunately, the Electrosux Electrolux saga continues. After all we have gone through with this stupid refrigerator, you would think that we could catch a break.  At this point, since purchasing the refrigerator on June 7, we have experienced the following:  three, yes THREE, refrigerators, six control panels, a couple of fans, several weeks that it didn't make ice, countless numbers of leaks, an all out flood,  and a round of other issues that I blogged about here.

Yesterday our third fridge was delivered... straight out of the box, even had all the plastic on it.  I was hopeful that our fridge issues would be resolved once and for all.  Not once did I even let it enter my mind that this could be another disaster.

So, late afternoon, our new fridge was delivered, installed and left to cool.  We went out for dinner and didn't think anything of it.  Honestly, I think Chuck and I both were doing a lot of wishful thinking!  Once we returned, everything seemed fine.  Chuck went to bed and I began my bedtime routine... check on Emma, turn out all the lights, check the doors, set the alarm, get a glass of water....

Our new fridge had a sticker below the water dispenser explaining that you needed to let it run for approximately three minutes to be sure all of the air was out of the line.  I was going about doing that and I noticed that it was slow and making a funny sound.  I just chalked it up to there being air in the line.  So, after running it for the recommended three minutes, I was about to go to bed.  For some reason, though, I walked back into the living room and entered the kitchen through the opposite end than the fridge is on.  I turned on the light and there it was... several inches of water.

With all that we have been through with a refrigerator, I was furious.  And, I knew Chuck would be even more irate, which he was.  I began cleaning up water while he got out of bed, and we set out to find out what was leaking.  He pulled the fridge out and determined that it wasn't a bad connection to the main line... that would have been too easy.  We kept looking and realized that there was water all over the back of the fridge.  I had a thought and asked him to watch as I pushed the dispenser.  It sprayed him pretty much all in the face, and all over the kitchen.  He found a hole gash in the line that runs up the back of the fridge to the dispenser.

It was at this point that I decided that I would not take anything less than getting my money back.  We made sure that the main water line was completely turned off and went to bed.

As soon as the store opened this morning I called to make my demand.  Surprisingly, they were rather compliant!  I was ready to throw a huge fit to get my money back; but I didn't have to.  Thank goodness.  I honestly think that they are as tired of dealing with me as I am dealing with the refrigerator.

Their guy should be here any minute now to take this piece of junk from my kitchen.  And, though I will be without a fridge for the next few days while I shop for another, I am excited.  I am so ready to have a fully functional kitchen!

I just hope that they will refund the money to us without trying to make us jump through hoops to get it.  They seemed to be willing to just trade us the money for the fridge, but who knows.

I just hope and pray that the saga ends tonight.


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