Sunday, August 29, 2010

Deceptively Delicious, Recipe 6

Here's another Deceptively Delicious Recipe for you!

As with some of the other recipes in this book, I have my own version that I know off the top of my head.  It is much easier for me to prepare my version of these.  I can go to the store without a list and I can whip it up with out going back to a recipe.  Also, I like using my version and incorporating the hidden veggie to show that you can adjust any recipe to include a vegetable.

So, what was this week's recipe?  Chicken Salad.  Let me first say that my version of Chicken Salad is pretty healthy... Lots of chicken, grapes, apples, poppy seed, celery, relish and just a tiny bit of mayo.  But, with the help of this cookbook, I have turned my pretty healthy Chicken Salad, into a Really healthy Chicken Salad.

How do I do it?  Easy!  I just add a little bit of my cauliflower puree, and voila!

I have found that cauliflower puree is very easy to incorporate into recipes.  It has a very mild taste that seemingly takes on the flavors of whatever it is mixed with.  From my experience, it is one of the easiest veggies to disguise, which makes it a good one to start with... Especially if you have really picky eaters!

So, get in the kitchen and get cooking!  With a little slight of hand and the right puree, you'll have your family eating healthy without them ever realizing it.  And, you, too, can be Deceptively Delicious.

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