Thursday, July 22, 2010

True Balance


I have been wearing my shoes everyday, at least two hours a day since I purchased them.  I haven't actually lost any weight, but I do feel better.  Not sure if I am just motivated to walk around more or what, but I will definitely keep wearing them!

Have you seen these things?  The new toning shoes made by New Balance?  The ones with the balance board inside the shoe? They look pretty awesome, right?  Well, I think so!

I saw a spot on the Today show that these shoes were a part of.  That sent me on a mission.  I wanted those shoes.  I had to have those shoes!  So, after checking my local stores and not having any luck, I ordered them from the New Balance web site.

They came in yesterday, and, well, I am in love!  They look great, which we have already established... otherwise I wouldn't have purchased them... I am vain, fashionably vain.  And, they actually are comfortable.

After putting them on, I didn't think they felt much different from my regular tennis shoes.  That means there is no learning period.  That's good on many levels... Older people can wear them and not worry about stumbling in them, and neither will I!  But, also, there is now no excuse for not exercising!

I put these shoes on around lunch time and by the time I sat down around 8:00 PM, I felt as if I had done a total lower body workout!  I was shocked!  Never did I think that these shoes would make that big of a difference in each step I took.  Boy, was I wrong!  It has only been a day, and I can feel the tightness in my legs.  Much like the tightness that I feel after a workout, well, like I felt after a workout... I haven't had one lately!

Actually, since I got pregnant with  Emma.  And she will be two in December... But, I digress.

I am determined to wear these shoes every day, at least for a little while.  I want to know if they really make a difference.  I won't change anything else in my routine, just to be sure. And,  I'll keep you posted because I'm sweet like that.  I will be the guinea pig and test these babies out.

If these shoes really do make every step that each person takes count just a little more, then New Balance is on to something.  Because these are fashionable, the way we, as a public, view 'toning' shoes may change!  And, if by just changing shoes you can change your body in a positive way, imagine what that could lead to!

Now, that's exciting!

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