Monday, July 26, 2010

Electrosux, um, I meant Electrolux.

I don't mean to complain, really, I don't.  BUT, and it's a BIG but, I think that I have a right.

You see, my nightmare began about a week and a half after we moved in our new house (approximately 6 weeks ago).  The previous owners took their refrigerator when they moved.  Which, I thought was a good idea to begin with... That meant that I would be able to pick out whatever I wanted!

I did my research, and found that each brand that I was considering had its pros and cons.  And, honestly, I knew that would be the case.  However, none of the cons that I read about could have prepared me for this nightmare.

I picked out a beautiful Electrosux Electrolux French Door, Bottom Freezer refrigerator.  It was delivered the afternoon I purchased it, and the delivery man hooked it up.  Unfortunately, though, once plugged in, the unit didn't work.  The freezer worked, but not the computer screen that controls everything about the unit... temperature, water/ice dispenser, etc...

Chuck called the store where we purchased our refrigerator and they agreed to send over a new one.  The next day.  This was annoying, but I kept telling myself, "What's one more day..."  So, the next day came and Mr. Delivery man shows up with a new fridge.  Once plugged in, it works!  I was so excited, and relieved... I could finally get groceries.  It had been a week and a half!  

I got my groceries, and organized meticulously placed them in my fridge...  Each label facing a certain way, each type of item grouped first by frequency of use then by size.  I spent all afternoon making sure everything was perfect.  

Twelve hours came and went, then I noticed it.  Water.  Running down, in a slow trickle, the front of my fridge.  I first told myself that either Chuck or I had left a piece (or twelve) of ice in the dispenser or splashed the water out of our cup while refilling it.  I really couldn't let my mind think that something might actually be wrong.  

So, I cleaned up the water and said a little prayer that it would not return.  It did, though.  Water began leaking out of the ice/water dispenser with no end in site.  

By this time, Chuck is absolutely frustrated.  I get put in charge of getting a repair guy out to check it out.  I make a call to the store where we purchased this thing, and the lady there gave me a name and number to call.  I did and this repair man couldn't work me in for a week and a half.  I was obviously put out with the situation and debated calling the store to complain.  Before I could make up my mind, the sweet lady from the store called me back.  She just wanted to check and see if I had gotten in touch with the repair man.  I told her yes and told her how long it would be before he could come.  She said that she would make some calls and get him out sooner.  I was quite grateful for this gesture.  

Mr. Repair man showed up a couple of days after I called.  He was looking over the fridge, and I asked him about a part recall that I had seen some information about.  He said that he would have to order the replacement part and after installing it, my fridge would be as good as new.  Usually, that is a good thing, but this thing is new and doesn't work!

A week passed by, and I received the call that the part had come in.  Mr. Repair man came to install it.  He had warned that it would take about three hours to complete, but he didn't warn me that I would have to empty my fridge.  He and his partner began unloading it, and must have noticed the panic in my eyes.  They stepped back and let me unpack it.  Slowly.  And, as meticulously as I had loaded each item in there.  

Once finished, they began their work.  And, it did take them all of three hours.  But, when they were finished, they assured me that I wouldn't have any more problems.  They left, and I proceed to call Chuck with the good news.  To be sure it was really fixed, I walked by every few minutes to make sure there wasn't any water.  There wasn't!  Woo hoo!  

I decided that I would definitely consider buying another Electrosux Electrolux appliance.

Unfortunately, my joy was short lived.  Chuck came home and discovered that it wasn't leaking because it wasn't producing ice...  In all my excitement of having it fixed, I never even considered that it wasn't making ice.  

At this point, Chuck is completely and totally out done with this thing... He gets that way easily, sometimes.  I was sure he was going to divorce me for picking out this stupid appliance that wouldn't work.  And, I was already trying to figure out how I would explain to Emma that Mommy is a terrible appliance picker and that's why Daddy left!  Okay, so maybe I was over-reacting, a little, but you should have seen the look on Chuck's face!

Anyway, I called Mr. Repair man back the next day and explained to him the situation.  He actually asked me if I had checked to make sure the ice make was on.  Are you kidding me?  I may not be able to fix my refrigerator... only because I haven't tried... but I am not an idiot!  I was sure to let Mr. Repair man know that and that I had already checked to make sure the ice maker was switched on.  

He scheduled a day to come back out, and again I waited.  The day he finally arrived, he was here for hours.  And, at the end of it, still no ice.  He said that after running all types of tests, he had determined that the part that was ordered, was in fact faulty.  Now, I have to wait for another part to be ordered.  Ugghhh!

It finally came in and back came Mr. Repair man.  He changed it out... another three hour ordeal... and left assuring me that all was fixed.  I was quite skeptical, but smiled and thanked him.  Then, a few hours later, it began again... leaking.  

Once more I called Mr. Repair man.  He said he would come back to check on it, but it would be a week.  When her finally came out, he told me that he had spoken with a technician at Electrosux Electrolux, and this person said that the front of the fridge needed to be raised because this unit produces 'wet ice'  and the excess water would drain correctly.  

At this point, though I didn't really believe that this would work, I tried to.  I tried to buy into the story because that is what I wanted... a too easy fix.

Well, it has been a week, and I am still wanting an easy fix... My fridge is still leaking.  And, now, not only does the water run out the dispenser and all down the front, it now leaks inside the refrigerator too.  

It just keeps getting better!

I had reached my limit this time.  I began searching the internet for contact information on Electrosux Electrolux.  I called, but just missed their business hours.  Being a Friday, I would have to wait until Monday to actually speak with someone.  

So, today, I called back.  I was able to speak to an actual person, but that didn't do much good.  I kept trying to explain to the representative that their refrigerator is terrible and that I think they should replace it.  She was unable to understand that... surprise, surprise... She kept saying that she would contact Mr. Repair man and give him explicit instructions on how to fix the problem.  I kept trying to tell her that I had another appointment with Mr. Repair man, and he seemed to be doing all he knew to do.  No matter what I said, though, she kept twisting it and putting the blame on Mr. Repair man.  I never got anywhere with her.  

And, now, I feel terrible because it must appear to Mr. Repair man that I was calling to complain about him.  That wasn't the case at all.  I was simply calling to tell them the dang fridge SUX!  Hence, my new name for them, ELECTROSUX!

I guess I will wait until Wednesday when Mr. Repair man comes to see if this nightmare will end.  I know that I am so ready to wake up!

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  1. i have a similar problem with my electroSUX , side by side water leakes everywhere, they told me its cause the water filter is in the fridge and that it freezes if you turn the fridge temp over 38 , thirtyfuckingeight! , they told us this after the water filter exploded and leaked water all over the kitchem FIVE TIMES , the fith time they came out to fix it they tell us its the filter, thwn all other repair men said it was the filter holder, the socker it snaps into that was the problem they all replaced the filter an the holder, except the last guy, who just changed he filter , then he tells me to not set it below 38 , but he puts it on THIRTY NINE! , i say F that and put it to 38 , the next day i buy milk, , then 3 days later, the milk is yogurt even though it is ONE MONTH !! before the exp date so i have to chose between spoiled food or a flooded kitchen, what lovely design i am so glad they put the filter in the fridge compartment, and i love this bizzaro univeerse where water freezes at 37 degrees and not 32