Friday, October 29, 2010

Five Question Friday

Friday... Thank goodness.  Hoping that the weekend and next week bring about brighter days!  After surgery on Tuesday, I decided to head home on Wednesday.  It was tough sitting in the car two plus hours!  Then, when I did finally manage to get home, I found that Emma had a 102.6 degree fever.  I gave her some Motrin and tried to get her to take a nap because I needed one too.  She wouldn't give it up, so we didn't nap.  She sat in my lap and tossed and turned and fidgeted and wore me out.

Luckily, Chuck came home and cooked supper for us.  While supper was cooking, I began taking the front off of Emma's crib so that I could put a toddler rail up.  I wanted to make it a big deal and have a little party, but when I went to get her, she was asleep on the couch.  But, I had to go ahead and change it because, as much as I love her crib and wanted to keep her in it, I just couldn't.  When I'm not pregnant and haven't  just had a surgery that limits the weight I can pick up, it is a hard crib to get her in and out of.  So, now that I have a bit of a belly and I'm not supposed to lift a whole lot, it really was hard to get her in and out.  

Anyway, it was a good call, because we were up and down all night.  Her fever kept spiking causing tremors.  Plus, she kept telling me that her feet and hands hurt.  So, I laid down with her for a good part of the night.  Thursday didn't bring much relief either.  Her fever kept jumping up as soon as the medicine started to wear off and then she threw up.  We went to the doctor that afternoon.  They checked out everything and still couldn't determine what was going on.  The doctor did notice pus covering her throat and thought it was strep.  Two strep test and another type of test later, we still couldn't figure out why she had a 103 degree fever.  

Our pediatrician was about to have the nurses do a catheter so they could check her for a urinary tract infection when she ordered blood work... It was terrible too.  I had to help hold Emma down while the lab tech drew blood.  It was horrible.  When those results came back, it showed that she didn't have a bacterial infection, which was good news... No cath to check for a UTI!  Thank goodness!   

Finally, the diagnosis we got was some type of viral infection.  Something that we just have to wait out...  We are still waiting for it to completely pass.  Emma was much better today, but far from 100 percent.  It makes me sad that she is so sick.  I wish I could just take her illness and pain away.  Hopefully, tomorrow will be better!

So, on to Five Question Friday...  Which I am glad to be at home writing.  Yes, I hate we are missing the ballgame this weekend, but Emma and I NEED the break... especially after the week we have had!

1. If you could be a fly on any wall, which would you choose?

Hmmm... good one.  As much as I think I would like to be on certain walls, I think it is in my best interest to stay off the walls.  You see, I know that I would get my feelings hurt.  Whether it be because something was said or done that would hurt my feelings or because nothing was said about me... I was forgotten.  Does that sound self-important?  I don't mean to.  It's just that if I were to be on someone's wall it would be because I thought that I was or should be being discussed, for whatever reason.  Oh geez, this just keeps sounding worse.  Anyway, I'm staying off the walls.  End of discussion.  

2. Do you budget your Christmas shopping or just get it done without budgeting?

Um, what's that word... bud-get? Wait just a second while I look that word up.... Okay. So, here we go.  Unfortunately, I don't budget.  I really should, and with a second child on the way, I'm going to have to learn how.  Chuck gives me a figure that I need to keep it under and I try to.  And, usually, I do pretty good... I think.  

3. What is the craziest fad diet you have ever done?

It wasn't a true fad diet... I just can't seem to stick to any of those.  But, I have created my own crazy diets.  For instance, for a while I would eat 1 tbsp of peanut butter and 8 oz of skim milk for breakfast.  Then, I would eat 4 oz of plain tuna on a slice of wheat bread with 1/2 oz cheese and water to drink.  And for dinner, I would eat a salad and have a few cocktails.  Obviously, this was pre-children and husband.  I would also work out to the point of almost passing out and if I got too light headed at the gym to drive home, I would eat a piece of candy that I kept stashed in my gym bag for such instances.  It was craziness!  I'm so glad that phase of my life is over!

4. Is there a TV show that you have seen every episode/season of?

Sex and the City... Every season, every episode.  At least 20 times each.  It is my favorite series ever.  EVER!  I still pull out the DVDs and watch it again.  I seriously can't get enough.

5. What one song always pulls at your heart?

There are two.  First, "Let's Stay Together."  Chuck and I danced to it on one of our first dates... December 30, 2005.  It was dancing to that song that I knew I loved him, so it gets me every time.  Especially, if he isn't around!

Second, "I Saw God Today."  That song came out when I was pregnant with Emma.  Have you heard the words?  Okay, then.  Enough said.  

Happy Friday! 

Thursday, October 28, 2010

An Unusual Occurrence

I had quite the unusual experience the other morning.  It was a Monday, and in typical Monday fashion things were crazy at my house.  Luckily, or unluckily, Emma slept in... which means I did too... and we were running late.  I had to find clothes for her to wear, gather the things that belong in her back-pack for school, pack her lunch, feed her breakfast and throw some clothes on myself.  Oh, and actually get her up!

So, I started with me.  Clothes.  I opened my t-shirt drawer and the one on top is from the annual Pig Smoke that Chuck and his friends host.  I didn't want to put that one on because Emma always has to touch and talk to and talk about the animal picture on my shirt.  I knew that I didn't have time for all of that so I flipped through until I found one from my year of teaching at Carthage High School.  It had a tiger on the back, but I thought/hoped she wouldn't notice it.  Of course, I was wrong.  I am convinced that she remembered that there was an animal on the back.  So, we talked about tigers as I got her ready.

Next, I finished off the mandatory things before we left for school and off we went. I got her to school just in time to catch the tail end of the drop-off line.  Whew!  Now I could head home and brush my teeth, my hair and shower.

But, again... wrong!  As I was heading home, I got caught in the wrong lane and had to turn right like instead of going straight home.  Okay, I thought, I guess I'll take the long way home.  Since I am now going the long way, I pick up my phone and call my sister-in-law, Jennifer, to try to finalize the juggling act that my family was going to have to pull to help me out with Emma that afternoon.  As I was driving, I guess I wasn't paying as much attention as I should have been, and I realized that I had driven myself to Wal-Mart... which was on the way home on this path, and on my to-do list for the morning, but not in my plans to do at that time.  I mean, I didn't even brush my teeth before taking Emma to school!

Now, I am sitting in Wal-Mart parking lot, debating whether or not to go in and talking to Jennifer.  Well, we finish our conversation and I decide that if I can find some gum that I will just get it over with.  I only needed  diapers and dog food, so surely I could get in and out without being seen. Maybe!?!?

Of course, as luck would have it, I found some gum in my purse and headed in.  Dog food to the right, diapers in the back left of the store.  I got the dog food, and headed to the back.  So far, so good.  About half way to the back of the store, I hear this overly cheerful voice say, "Good Morning!"  I reply "Good Morning" in my best please-don't-talk-to-me-don't-acknowledge-my-presence-I-haven't-even-brushed-my-teeth voice.  Apparently, I need to practice that voice because the overly cheerful voice continues... "How are you this morning?"  I am trying really hard to be polite, but end the conversation so I said "Fine, thank you.  You?"  I am steadily walking as I speak, but this person, this man that works at Wal-Mart, has fallen into step with me so he can continue talking.

He tells me that he is great and that it is a great day.  He says that they are putting guns back in his store.... I didn't know they had taken guns out of Wal-Mart, and honestly, don't care.  At this point, he walks ahead of me, and I think "Thank goodness, I don't have time for this."  But, before I can finish this thought he has turned around and come back to me.  He stops in front of my buggy, which blocks my path and makes me a little uncomfortable, and peers at my t-shirt.  Then he says, "Carthage, huh?  Are they putting guns back in your store?"

I say to him that I'm not from Carthage, that I live in Meridian, which gets me a puzzled look from this man.  So, I proceed to tell him that I just taught there.  Why I felt the need to explain this to this man, BJ, his name tag states, I still have no clue.  But anyway, I do and he walks away again.  This time I don't try to think, I just keep moving along, trying to get to the diapers.  But, to no avail, because he come back.  Again.

He now has this look of peaked interest, which concerns me, and he says, "You're a teacher?" I explain that I was... but only for a year.  So he asks what I am doing now.  At this point, I am asking myself 1) why I feel the need to answer his questions because I have no clue who this person is 2) why didn't I go another way after my first encounter with him and 3) how did I wind up in here this morning when I clearly hadn't planned to come until later.

For reasons still unknown to me, I tell this man, this stranger, that I now stay home to take care of my baby.  He tells me that that is a good reason to not teach anymore and then asks me if they paid me good when I taught at Carthage.  "Not bad for a first year, " I tell him and yet again, he takes a step to walk away.

I am about to bolt when he stops and asks if I have a whole year under my belt.  I say "Yes" and he asks what I taught.  I told him junior English, to which he replies, "Good English teachers are hard to come by."  I agree with him, because I actually do agree... Not saying that I was a good one, but I tried.  Anyway, he asks if I had considered tutoring.  My thoughts were, No, I haven't.  I hadn't thought about it as an option.  Besides, I have a baby and one on the way, so I'm out on that.  But, my words to him were, "I just moved here and haven't gotten completely settled.  Maybe once I do, I will look into it.  He tells me that I could make $55,000 a year tutoring... which is more than I made teaching, and probably less stress!  So, I smile and say okay.

Finally, he introduces himself as BJ, and he is on the school board.  He says they are always looking for good employees and that if he can help me in anyway to look him up.  I introduce myself and thank him for the information and away he walks.  He gets several steps ahead of my before stopping and coming back to me.  I am ready to tell him I'm not interested and that I'm in a hurry when he says to me... "You know, the good Lord may have just put you in Wal-Mart this morning for a reason."

Chills cover my body and tears came to my eyes.

I didn't have a chance to look him up until Monday evening.  But, I checked the school websites just to make sure this guy was legit.  He is.  And, after I told all of this to Chuck, he said he knows who he is.

I haven't made any decisions whether or not to check into tutoring any further because I have had quite a bit going on the past couple of days, but a seed has been planted by this unusual occurrence.  A seed that I will pray long and hard about.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Good Morning!

Good Morning, Friends!

After a restful night last night, I am feeling much better today.  Other than a little stiffness and soreness... which I think is a result of laying flat on my back all day yesterday... I can't even tell that I had anything done.  So, after a little more rest today at my parents', Emma and I will head home and resume our normal routine.  Yay!

Happy Wednesday to everyone!  Thanks again for thinking of us and praying for us during this time!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Surgery Update

I'm out of surgery and everything went well. The baby's heart rate sounds good. So, now we are just waiting until I am released. For the most part, I'm feeling okay, just some cramping.

I'll be glad when the anesthesia completely wears off and I can feel my toes! Not to mention that I hate feeling like my bottom half is bigger than this bed! And, I am cold. You've got to love the effects of anesthesia!

Anyway, Chuck has gone to get me something to eat... Thank goodness! I am starving! So, I should be feeling better soon!

Thank you for your thoughts and prayers!



Chuck and I are on our way to the hospital now for my surgery. The actual procedure shouldn't take long, but there are several surgeries scheduled ahead of me.

I will keep you posted, as best as I can, on how things are going.

Please pray for our doctor and his team, our sweet baby, and for me and Chuck.

Much love...


Sunday, October 24, 2010

A Little Anxiety

I'm feeling a little anxious tonight.  We have had a super fun, but busy weekend and I am exhausted.  It is usually when I get tired that anxiety creeps in.  I have an appointment with my OB/GYN tomorrow afternoon to check on the baby one last time before surgery on Tuesday.

I have been okay until today.  Well, actually that's probably not the honest truth.  I have been anxious all weekend.  And, when I get anxious, I tend to go silent.  So, I'm sure all of the people that I was around this weekend probably thought that I was being rude... that I'm cold.  I don't mean to come across that way, but I do.  I've been told that before by several people.  It sucks.

But, anyway, I'm anxious about my surgery.  I know that compared to other situations, it isn't a big deal.  But to me, it is.  There are things that could go wrong, there is a chance that I could lose this baby.  Although the likelihood of anything bad happening is small, it is still there.  I've played out all the what ifs in my mind over and over again.  And, it didn't help to find a magazine in my mailbox with a huge spread about Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep photography.

I thought that I would handle it better this time.  I thought I would be prepared.  I knew that this cerclage would happen even before I had the first one put it.  I have known that this day would come since July 2008, but it doesn't make it any easier.  It didn't allow me to prepare myself any better.

I have prayed specifically for this baby for a year now.  It was this time last year that Chuck and I were ready for another baby.  Then it took us until the end of this summer to get pregnant.  And, I have worried about this baby in a way that I never worried about Emma when I was pregnant with her.  Literally everything about this pregnancy has been different!

Please say a prayer for this sweet baby, my doctor and medical team that will be performing the surgery, as well as Chuck and me.

Thank you!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

These are a Few of My Favorite Things...

 1. How Emma says, "Thank you, Mama" when I hand her something.
 2. Fresh Cranberries... I love how tart they are!
 3. Nouvelle Candles, specifically the Mahogany and Tobacco scent.
 4. Halloween Candy, especially Milky Way minis.
 5. Loved by Heidi Klum skinny maternity jeans
 7. Tunics, for me and Emma
 8. That Emma calls hiccups - pickups.
 9. Ponytails
10. Country music... Boys of Fall, If I Die Young, Hello World, just to name a few!

What are your favorite things these days?

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Why, Oh Why


Why, oh why, do I get the feeling that this scene will play itself out a million more times in the coming, teenage years?!?!?

Lord, please be with her as she goes through all the character building experiences that I am sure will come her way!  Amen.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Engagement Party

After much planning obsessing, the engagement party for my sister, Jena, and Colten happened.  On Saturday, we celebrated with tons of friends and family their decision to make it official.  Aren't they a precious couple!?!

It was quite an event, and I think it was the talk of Calhoun County!  Especially since the party unofficially started Friday!  We had Accidental BBQ, my husband and his friend's cooking team, cook a whole hog for us, which they started cooking late Friday night... Hence the pre-party.  They set up at my Daddy's airport, and though I wasn't there, I hear they drew quite the crowd.  My niece Laila was there early in the night, but my Mama had to leave with her so that she didn't see the pig... She LOVES pigs and they were afraid that she would be traumatized if she saw it.  

The pre-party continued Saturday with the guys cooking some ribs for everyone at lunch.  We all gathered at the airport again and ate before the wildness of finishing up last-minute details came into play.  After lunch, we headed up to Jennifer and Justin's (my sister-in-law and brother) where the party would take place and got to work.  We hung lanterns, covered tables, finished cooking and planning out the details of what bowls to use and where... you know, all the details that finish off a party.  Everything came together and I headed down the hill to my parents' to get dressed.  I made it back by six, and though the party didn't actually start until 7:00, people began arriving.  Being Southern, we are obsessed with SEC Football.  And, being Mississippi State University fans, we, and most of the guest, were not about to miss kick-off, which happened at 6:00.  So, the party started early, and we wouldn't have had it any other way.  

It was a fun evening of food, football, corn hole, beersbie (this requires a whole 'nother post!) and music.  Everyone had a great time cheering the Bulldogs on to victory, competing in backyard games and especially visiting.  

I know that Jena and Colten were touched by the outpouring of friends and family that were there to celebrate them.  They had so much fun having all of their friends together, getting to know one another before their upcoming wedding.  Thanks to everyone who came by, helped out, etc.  You are very appreciated!

Here are a few photos from the party... Enjoy!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Five Question Friday

It's Friday... Yay!  And I am barely getting in my Five Question Friday, but who cares?!? I have been one busy Mama today!  Just a recap... Before 7:30 this morning, I finished my waist deep pile of laundry, made my super-duper, fabulous bar-b-que sauce, and had my family's clothes ironed and ready for the day!  Then, I got Emma up and out the door to school... dressed adorably for school pictures, her first...  After dropping her off, I scheduled a photo shoot for Sunday afternoon, picked up groceries for my sisters engagement party tomorrow night, ran four more errands and returned home to clean a little before school was out.  When it was time to pick Emma up from school, I made a quick stop to pick up a birthday present.

Next was home and nap time while I put up spaghetti sauce, cleaned the kitchen and edited pictures.  I unloaded the car and then loaded it again, with things for this trip, showered and got ready for a birthday party that Emma was invited to.  In the midst of all of this, Emma woke up, I picked her up something for supper, purchased fabric to create a backdrop for this weekend's photo shoot, got her costume ready and on her for the party and then got us out the door on time... Barely!

We attended the party, and had a blast.  It was at the old carousel in our town... the oldest carousel in the nation, I think.  Emma rode the carousel until I was sick and played with her friends for a while.  We sang Happy Birthday, had cake and then got ready to leave... Back to our house we went to change out of our costume, into our jammies, load the 'cold' foods and Meiko in the car and then drove to my parents'.  Two and a half hours later, we unloaded at Granna and Pop's and Emma played for a little while.  I finally got her in bed, and myself in bed... but I turned on the computer and started blogging instead of sleeping!  Which leads me to my reason for even turning this thing on... Five Question Friday!  So without further adieu...

1. What is your favorite Halloween candy?

True Halloween candy... Those little pumpkins that are made like candy corn.  I love those things!  But, what I love to raid out of the Halloween candy basket... Twix!  I just can't help myself!

2. Do you fold your socks?

I match them and then I turn one down over the other.  Does that count as folding? And, I always try to make sure I do it before anyone else in my house does it... Not naming any names! :)  I hate when they are mis-matched... even if they aren't mine.  

3. What is something that you wish you had been warned about?

Breastfeeding.  I was told that it was hard, but not to any extent.  Man, that first week, or two, is rough!  It is definitely worth it, but there were moments that I couldn't see the light at the end of the tunnel!  No one prepared me for that.

4. What is the most significant difference between you and your significant other?

He is the social butterfly and I am most comfortable at home alone.  I would probably be a hermit if it weren't for him!  He definitely balances my loner nature and pushes me to socialize.  On the other hand... he would be out with friends every single night if I didn't push to stay home more often!  We are great compliments to one another in this aspect and so many others!

5. What are three words you would use to describe yourself? (And, just for fun...if your significant other is around, ask him/her what 3 words they would use to describe you!!)

One) Self-Reliant - I would rather do it myself than ask someone for help or wait for someone to do it in their time.

Two) Perfectionist - I obsess over the straightness of a book on my coffee table, whether the hangers in my closet are the right kind and hanging in the right direction, if the clothes in my house have been folded to the exact dimensions that I have found fit in our drawers best... 

Three) Strong-willed - When my mind is made up, it's made up. PERIOD.

And, my hubby isn't around for me to get his answers... thank goodness!  No telling what he might reveal out me!

Hope that everyone has a fabulous Friday!!!!!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Baby News

I had an appointment with OB/GYN yesterday to check on this baby that is growing and developing in my belly.  Everything went well and as expected, which is always a good thing.  We listened to the baby's heartbeat, though it was a little challenging.  He or she was being quite active, so it was hard to get an accurate heart rate.  But, my doctor said that he would put it in the 150-160 range.

Also, he measured me to make sure I am growing as I should, which I am.  And, he told me that I hadn't gained any weight since my last appointment.  YAY!!!!  I went into this pregnancy heavier than I would have like to have been... and much heavier than I was when I got pregnant with Emma, so I am trying to keep my weight gain under control!  But, by NO means am I dieting or anything like that... just trying to make healthier food choices than the first time around... It has been easier to do that this time.  With Emma, I was sick 24/7 for 24 straight weeks.  And, the only thing that made me feel better was food.  I would eat an entire box of mac and cheese or an entire large pizza in a single sitting... And, this usually happened 4-6 time each day.  I was out of control!

Luckily, I haven't been nearly as sick with this baby.  That and ever other aspect of this pregnancy is different than my first.  I am convinced that this baby is a boy!  Of course there is a 50-50 chance that I am wrong, but I don't think so.  I was sure of Emma's sex before I found out, and was right, so I am hoping to be right again!  We'll see in November!  But, if I'm not, and this baby is a girl, I will still be thrilled.  I already have tons of cute clothes for a girl... We just don't have a girl name we can agree on!

Anyway, after getting the basics out of the way, the discussion with my doctor became a little more serious.  We discussed my options of having or not having a cerclage with this baby.  I had one with Emma because my cervix shortened a lot in a single week... I don't remember the exact measurement, but it was a significant amount.  So much so that we had to decide that day whether or not to do the surgery the very next morning.  And, as luck would have it, Chuck didn't go to that appointment.  It was so nerve wracking!  We were both terrified of doing it, but terrified of not doing it.  Ultimately, we did make the decision to have the surgery and it was the right one.  After I delivered, my doctor told me that we probably wouldn't have gotten to that day had I not done the cerclage.

Chuck and I had already discussed the cerclage and decided that it is something that we will do again.  Neither of us want to risk waiting too long and it being too late.  Nor do we want to get to a position where bed rest is the only option for helping prevent pre-term labor.  So, as of now, we are scheduled for surgery on October 26... However, there is a possibility that it may be postponed until November 2.  Either way, say a prayer for our baby, us and our medical team!  When I know for sure what day surgery will be, I will update!

Hope that each and every one of you have a great evening!  Please add my Grandmother to your prayer list.  She was hospitalized last night and hasn't gotten to go home yet.

Take care!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Live and Learn

I had the weirdest encounter the other day.  And, when I say weird, I mean weird.  It all started out simple enough.  My dear, sweet husband, who can kill a cell phone in 2 seconds flat, and I went to replace his worn out, beat up, wouldn't work cell phone.  He likes to claim that said Blackberry is several years old, but in fact, it is not... It just looks like the one he got several years ago... he keeps replacing it with identical phones.

Anyway, we were to meet up at our local At&t store, upgrade his phone and be on our way.  But no, we had to have the weird encounter... I got there first and before I even got out of the car, some guy was standing outside the door staring at me.  Because the sun was shining ever so brightly, I didn't know at first that he worked there.

As I got closer, he said hello and stepped in front of the open doorway, blocking my entrance.  This was a little weird, but I thought that maybe he just didn't realize what he had done.  Nope, I thought wrong.  The guy was blocking the entrance to keep me outside where he proceeded to try to make conversation with me.  He asked what he could help me with, and then, in the middle of my answer, he cuts me off and tells me what beautiful hair I have.  All I could think was, "Am I really standing here, in a parking lot, married, a mama and pregnant getting hit on like some half-drunk single girl at a bar!?!?"

Obviously, the guy didn't realize that he was at work, not at the bar, AND he obviously didn't hear me when I said that I was here to upgrade my HUSBAND'S phone.

I said thanks, and pushed past him into the store to see if I could find someone a little less weird to deal with.  No such luck... I barely get into the store good and weird guy has recouped and chased me inside.  He starts trying to make small talk again, and I have to check myself to make sure I haven't wandered into some random, open-before-lunch bar.  I repeat to him that I am waiting on my HUSBAND and that I was getting my HUSBAND a new phone.  Not to be deterred by something as simple as a HUSBAND, he sticks out his and and says, "By the way, I'm J.  What's your name?"

Because it has been such an awkward experience and I was totally not expecting it, I react the only way I knew how... I said my name... Jessica... In a flat, I-CAN'T-BELIEVE-YOU-JUST-ASKED-ME-THAT  kind of tone.  I wasn't intentionally being rude, I was just taken aback at the nerve and persistence of this guy.

I finally get away and am approached by some other guy.  For the millionth time in five minutes I tell someone what I am trying to do.  I tell this overly-friendly, not really helpful, guy that I want to upgrade my hubby to an iPhone... Apparently, I don't speak English well because he spent the next 30 minutes trying to convince me to not buy the iPhone, but to buy something called a Captivate.  I've never heard of this thing.  And, it was pretty obvious that he hadn't heard much about it either... He kept trying to show me how to work it, but he couldn't figure it out either!

Chuck finally makes his appearance, thank goodness! And, he starts listening to this guy's sales pitch on this phone.  Together, we decide that we don't want to try it, we want to stick with the iPhone.  But, oh no, they don't have the one we want in stock... He tells us that they only receive one every 3 months and they are going to quit making them.  We decide to wait and not buy anything, but he wouldn't have that.  He checked the back to see if they might have one stuck back in a corner.  Lo and behold, they do... a used one... that's "still in like new condition!"  Uh, yeah, that's why someone brought it back!

We thank the guy for his time and try to head out.  Before we can get gone, though, J, from earlier is back.  He is in our faces and trying to be best buddies with Chuck.  Little did I know, he had already weirded Chuck out.  Once we finally got out the door, Chuck told me that the guy greeted him at first and offered to help.  When Chuck told him that he was meeting his wife, he said the guy's eyes got huge and he said much too enthusiastically, "Jessica!"

When we left there, we headed to the other location of At&t to see about getting some help.  Of course, we are still laughing and talking about how weird the first experience was.  We asked the workers at the other store what the difference was between the two... Come to find out, the first store we come to is independently owned.  Apparently, this makes a huge difference in the inventory they get, the commissions they get paid, etc... And, it definitely showed!

After an entire morning of trying to get him a phone that actually worked, we finally succeeded.  He is now up-to-date with technology and can actually do something besides just answer a call!  I hate that it took our entire morning and that we wasted so much time with the weirdos.  But, I guess you live and learn!  I know I did...  I learned that I should NEVER go in that particular store ever again!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Five Question Friday

1. What do you listen to while driving?  

Usually a Barney or Tigger and Pooh DVD... However on the rare occasion that Emma falls asleep or I am alone, I love to listen to Highway 16 on XM radio.  

2. What is your least favorite thing about Fall?

The illnesses that come along with it... Colds, allergy attacks, the flu, bronchitis.  All of which I seem to have had in the last month!  Hopefully, though, I have gotten it all out of my system and will be able to enjoy the rest of the season.

3. What does your dream house look like, inside and out?

It's filled with love... And, beyond that, I'm not sure.  I have had so many ideas of what my dream house would look like that when/if I ever get to build and decorate it, i'm sure to be completely conflicted through it all!

4. Would you ever own a minivan?

I'm going to say NO, but I won't say never... I don't want to jinx myself or something like that!  Chuck knows how I feel about a minivan, so I doubt we will ever own one.

5. Do you wash new clothes before wearing them?

Usually, yes.  In an ideal world, I always would.  But in reality, I wash 99% of Emma's clothes before wearing.  It's rare that I put anything on her without washing.  All the dyes and stuff tend to break her out if I don't wash them first.  

For me and Chuck, I was all undergarments and swim wear before we wear it.  And, then whatever else I have time to wash before wearing, I wash.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

The HPV Vaccine

What are your thoughts about the HPV vaccine?

Mine?  Well, I haven't established exactly where I stand on whether or not it is a good thing.

Why do I ask?

Well, a week or so ago I was at a Christian women's group meeting where a pediatrician spoke.  He was older, probably close to retirement age, and only took questions that had been emailed in ahead of time.  I had a bit if a problem with this... not the age or that he is, well, a he, but with the fact that he would only take pre-approved - for lack of a better word - questions.  I mean, shouldn't a professional be able to answer most any questions, at least generically, on the spot?

I personally didn't send any questions.  I would rather speak with my own doctors about any questions or concerns I have.  But anyway... This doctor answered four separate, but same questions about ADD/ADHD... which I found redundant, especially since these were all given to him ahead of time.  Then, after some repetitive questions about picky eaters and not-so-good eaters, comes the bombshell question... What are you're thoughts on the HPV vaccine?

While I totally get that everyone has, and is entitled to, an opinion, I sometimes feel that it is imperative to separate personal opinion from professional opinion.  And, this was one of those instances.

The doctor read the question aloud and proceeded with his answer.  He said that he was shocked to get this question because it is a Christian group and he firmly believes in abstinence.  He proceeds to give a speech about how girls are much too promiscuous these days and we as parents are allowing this... even encouraging it by considering this vaccine.

What!?!?   I'm not sure who asked this question, but I would dare to guess that she was looking for a professional, medical opinion about the vaccine and the safety of it... Not someone's opinion of the morality of it.

I totally get that we as parents need to teach our children about morality, modesty and respect for self.  I get that it is up to parents to lead our children in the direction they are to go.  I totally get that abstinence is the only safe sex.  Trust me, I will teach these things to my children as best as I can.

But, I also get that kids will be kids, and sometimes that includes making bad decisions... giving in to peer pressure.  Because I understand that, does it mean that I intend to allow or encourage this type of promiscuous behavior?  No.  Absolutely not.  All that it means is that I took off my rose colored glasses...  I am seeing reality.

So, while I haven't decided whether or not my daughter(s) will receive the vaccine, I have decided this... I will be willing to educate myself about it and consider it.

Have you seen the commercials that promote this vaccine?  To the best of my recollection, they promote this as a vaccine that can prevent cervical cancer.  After seeing the commercial (and it has been a while), I took away the idea of cancer prevention.  I didn't take away the idea of being able to have safe sex after receiving it.  So, it annoys me that someone would come in to answer questions professionally and then get on their soap box about morality.

Besides, isn't this vaccine for girls around the age of 10-12?  Do you remember what vaccines you received at that age?  I don't.  I didn't care what they were giving me... Just be quick about it and let me be on my way.

So, will girls really realize that this vaccine can help prevent one STD?  Do kids really think about this type of stuff?  I mean, I know they think about/talk about sex, but how often does it get as deep as STDs and the fact that they could actually contract one?  Seriously, if they really thought about STDs, they probably would be more hesitant about having sex.  I mean, isn't that the trouble with kids... their brains haven't finished developing, therefore the area that allows them to think things through and handle decisions that can affect their future isn't ready to handle this type of thing.  Though they think they know what they are doing, they can't yet truly comprehend the long term.

Anyway, what are your thoughts on the issue?  Like I said, I haven't made a decision whether or not my daughter(s) will get this vaccine.  Luckily, I still have time to research, soul search, and most importantly pray about it.  Give me your feedback, whether you're for it, against it, or like me... still on the fence!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Oh, That Face

Oh, that face... With it's bright blue eyes and mouth that is always covered with a paci.  That face that goes with the hand that always clutches a white, cloth diaper... The face of my sweet Emma.

She is spending the night with her grandparents tonight.  I know I should be enjoying every second of free time, but I can't help but be a little sad.  

You see, it doesn't matter to me how tired I am, or how sick I have been, I want that sweet face here, in her bed.  I want to go into her room before I go to bed and kiss that sweet face for the millionth time today... Just one more time.  I want to whisper I Love You for the umpteenth time since I got her out of bed this morning.  I miss her terribly when she is gone.  I spend nearly every second of every day with her, so when she isn't here, it's hard.  

Tonight there are no toys to pick up, no baths to clean up after, no kisses and hugs and I Love Yous.  Tonight just feels empty.  So, I am anxiously awaiting tomorrow so that I can go get her and bring her home.  I am so ready to shower her with kisses and I Love Yous.  I am so ready to see that sweet face!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Good to be Back

Ahhh... It's good to be back.  And, even better to feel like being back!  In the last week, the cold and cough that I have had for a month now progressed, and I was feeling pretty rotten...  Rotten and extremely fatigued.  It didn't seem to matter how much I slept and rested, I was still exhausted.  I was too tired to anything but what HAD to be done to take care of Emma.

Finally, I gave in and went to the doctor.  She was quite concerned.  And, since I am still in my first trimester, she was even more concerned.  She told me that the meds I needed were not safe during pregnancy, so she hoped that the ones she could prescribe me would help.  She told me that I was very close to a bout with pneumonia and a hospital visit.  Great... Just what I need!

So, I am taking my medicine diligently and resting as much as possible in hopes of feeling better and actually getting better.

However, before I went to the doctor, I tried to press on with life as usual and pretend that I didn't feel like the walking dead.  We had a ballgame, which, of course we went to.  And, of course, Emma had a blast.  It was an early game, which was nice in some respects, but not so much in others... It's hard enough to get out the door with a toddler in time for a 6:00 PM game.  But, 11:00 AM... whew.  We made it, and actually had a few minutes to spare.

Once we got to the game, I took Emma to sit with my parents, Granna and Pop, because I just could not wrestle with her during the game.  It was at this point that I knew that I was much more sick that I had let myself think.  I carried her up a few steps and at that point I was so winded and tired that I really thought I would pass out.  I got light-headed and started seeing spots.  I put her down, but that wasn't much help.  She is still too small to step up the tall stadium steps on her own.  I basically had to pick her up and set her on each step.  There was a line of people behind us trying to get to their seats and I almost broke into tears.  By the time I got up the 52 steps, I was done.  I had to sit with my parents a while and recoup.  I don't know if they could tell how bad I felt or not.

After catching my breath, and giving the spots and blackness time to pass from my vision, I headed back down to my seat.  Luckily, going down wasn't nearly as taxing.  I sat through most of the game with Chuck and tried to just relax.  It wasn't easy because the sun was blazing and it was hot.  I could honestly feel my skin sizzling... I am extremely fair-skinned (at my darkest, I still wear "fair" foundation!) and for whatever reason, I burn 10 times worse when I am pregnant!  I sent Chuck for water and tried to cover any part of my arms and chest that I could.  I only made it through the first three quarters.  By then I was burnt so badly that my skin was a maroonish color .  It was bad enough that anyone I passed asked if I were going to be okay since I was burned so badly.  All I could think was, "Good job, Jes!"

Luckily, I had the presence of mind to coat Emma with sunscreen (I did miss one tiny little spot on her face, but she wasn't in the sun as long as I was).  However, after getting sunscreen on her, I got busy wrestling with her and forgot to put it on myself.  So, I wound up with a third degree burn on top of feeling like death.

I can honestly say, though, that I am feeling a little better.  Even though I just started my medicine yesterday, it is kicking in and helping.  I actually slept most of the night instead of coughing!  I am looking forward to another restful night tonight, too.  Emma and I have played outside all day, so she is pooped... Which usually means she will sleep all through the night, even if she looses her paci.  Here's to hoping!

Happy Tuesday!  Hope your week is great!