Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Baby Update

Well, D-Day is coming up!  Officially, my due date is April 23.  However, my doctor has said that he will induce me on April 19, if I don't go into labor on my own.

I went for my 36 week check-up on Monday and am dilated 3 cm and 60% effaced.  Wow!  I didn't get to that point with Emma until 39 weeks!  At this appointment we also discussed an earlier induction date.  Nothing is set in stone, and it could change weekly depending on how much I have progressed.

Chuck and I are super excited to meet this baby boy.  And, I really think Emma is too... well, as much as a two-year old can be.  She is interested in all the baby things that coming into the house and loves to talk about Jack.  I hope that she continues to be excited about his arrival once he gets here.

I have been thinking back over this pregnancy and all the drama that has come along with it... I had two different episodes of a stomach bug of sorts.  Luckily, neither lasted more than 24 hours.  Then, I had the never-ending sinus infection.  Seriously, I think it lasted 3 months.  I took every medicine I could safely take and nothing touched it.  Finally, I was referred to an ENT to discuss having my sinuses cleaned out.  Of course, by the time the ENT could see me, I finally kicked it, so I didn't need the appointment.

Then, when I thought that I was over all the drama I spilled a pot of boiling water on my belly.  Yep, I did.  I took a pot of pasta of the stove and as I was draining it, it spilled out on me.  My belly was so red, but luckily, only one small area actually blistered up.  Then, as that was healing, my sweet dog, Meiko, bit me.  I'm not sure who was more traumatized over it. me or him.  Thankfully, it wasn't a bad bite and is almost completely healed.

With only a short time left before I deliver, I have to admit that I'm a little concerned what kind of drama is left.  Hopefully, none, but somehow I don't feel that will be the case.  I just pray that if there is anymore drama, it isn't involved with delivering!  I want to keep that as calm and 'structured' as possible... if that's even possible when talking about delivering a baby.  I'm 2.5 hours from my doctor, so going into labor and having a crazy delivery story is very much a possibility.  But, hopefully, it won't come to that.

Whatever may come, though, it has definitely all been worth it.  I can't wait for this little guy to get here!  I am looking forward the changes that are about to come with having a new baby.  And, I am definitely ready to take on all the challenges that having two children will bring.

Stay tuned for more details about Jack's arrival... and possibly a crazy delivery story.  But, please say a prayer that I don't have the latter!

Happy Wednesday!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

It's been a month...

It's been a month!  And life has been super busy... Here's a wrap up of the last month.

1) We are still paci free. *tear*  I still miss it; Emma, not so much.  She asks for it randomly, but that's all.  I really think that I was more attached than Emma was.  I have noticed, though, that her sleeping still isn't what it was when she had a paci.  I don't know if that will ever be the same again... Maybe, I miss the sleep more than the paci.  Maybe...

2) Jack is still on schedule to make his debut in April.  He measured ahead at the last ultrasound.  And, his profile looks like Emma to me... I know, I know.  It's an ultrasound photo, but he does look like her to me.  I go back on Monday to start my weekly appointments.  The following week, I will have the cerclage removed.  And, then he may make his appearance at any point!  Exciting and scary... He still doesn't have a middle name, a room, clothes, diapers, anything! I am so not on top of this!  But, I also remember how little Emma needed her first few weeks, so I know we'll be okay... And, diapers are easy to go buy.  That will be the major necessity since I plan on nursing him.

3) I decided to become a sales consultant for Chez Ami.  It's an adorable children's clothing line.  I hosted a party at my house, then I had a couple of friends host parties.  They all turned out great!  I am so pleased with how the season went.  And, I can't wait for fall!  Oh, and, if you want to place an order, just let me know and I can help.  Or, you can place one online... just enter my name (Jessica Alderman) as your sales rep if you don't have one.  :) Thanks!

4) I also took a bunch of clothing to this thing called the Sweet Pea Swap.  It is a consignment sale for kids clothes toys, etc.  I have tons of appliqu├ęd dresses, rompers, t-shirts, etc. that I made and haven't sold.  So, I took them just to see.  It went really well!  I am definitely pleased with the outcome.  It was definitely worth the days of time and effort to hang/bag, tag and iron all of the items.

5) I went to Starkville a few weekends ago for my sorority's reunion.  I was a Tri-Delta at MSU.  One of my best friends, Lauren, met me there and we got to hang out.  It was great getting to see her and catch up.  She doesn't live that far away, but it is hard to get together and visit.  So glad that we were able to.

6) I am still contemplating a new camera... I have been comparing the Canon 7D and the 60D.  I want to take my photography to the next level.  I really would like to pursue it on a professional level, but I am weeks away from having a new baby.  So, I am trying to maintain a clear perspective... what I want, what I need, what is realistic.  I am scheduled to have maternity pictures taken soon and I'm hoping to gain a little advice from my photographer.  I have known her since I got engaged, 4 years ago, so I consider her a friend.  Hopefully she can shed some light on how to get where I want to go... Your advice is welcomed, too! :)

7) I have been volunteering at a center that deals with unplanned pregnancy.  It is privately funded, so they are able to share the good news of Jesus Christ.  I have been working with two girls, and it has really been great for me.  I have enjoyed working with these girls and look forward to continuing with them and working with others.

8) The Bachelor still has my attention on Monday nights... I gave up blogging about it because sometimes it was the next week before I was able to watch it.  But, I am still totally involved.  I have cheated, though, and read Reality Steve... a blog that has spoilers.  He first said one of the girls would win, and then, in the last couple of weeks, changed it to the other that is still left.  So, who knows which will win.  I am still pulling for Emily, though.  How can you not love her?  But, if she isn't the final pick, I hope she is the next Bachelorette!

Okay, so there you go!  A few snippets of my life over the last month... so exciting, I know.  But, it is what it is!  Hope that this past month has been wonderful for you!