Friday, December 30, 2011

Dinner Experiment

I tried something new for dinner tonight.  I tried quinoa.  And, not only did I like it, Emma and Jack did as well.  I cooked it using chicken broth, instead of water.  And, I also sauteed vegetables to go along with it.  It was a great meal!

I have to admit that I was surprised when Emma willingly tried it, and then liked it.  And, the best part, is that it is healthy!  Granted, I had to mash the vegetables up and stir them into the quinoa without Emma seeing me.  And, then, she still spotted some.  But, even that didn't keep her from eating it. 

Hopefully, she's growing out of her picky phase.  I won't hold my breath, but each new food is a victory! 

Happy Friday! And, way to go Bulldogs! Hail State!


Sunday, December 25, 2011

Happy Birthday Jesus!

Celebrate Jesus today, HIS birth, HIS life, death, and resurrection. Give thanks for all that HE has blessed you with.

Merry Christmas! Much love to you and yours!


Sunday, December 18, 2011

Anyone else?

Is  anyone else having trouble posting?  I typed this great, long post and it wouldn't save or post.  Now, it is lost and I am so frustrated!  Ugh!


Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Ph- Ph- Ph- Phases...

Well, it seems that everyone in my house is going through a phase... Jack has entered the separation anxiety phase.  Majorly.  I can't seem to even turn my back to him without a full-on melt down. 
Emma went through this too, but Jack has taken it to a whole new level. 

He goes from happy to shrill, blood-curdling screams in about half a second.  And, he will not stop screaming until I pick him up.  But, then, the second I do pick him up, he chuckles.

I've tried to build up his tolerance of me being out of his sight, but so far, we haven't been able to get past the half second point.  He just screams and cries until his face turns purple and he can hardly breathe.  It literally takes him five minutes to calm down.  I don't know what to do with him!

I have learned to do just about everything with him on my hip... and that's no easy feat.  My biggest problem is when I need to shower and I'm not able to do it during his nap time.  Even when I put him right in front of the shower so that he can see me, he still falls apart.

I know it is just a phase, but the poor little guy gets so upset and it breaks my heart.  I hate it.

Or, maybe it isn't a phase... Maybe I've created a monster.  A Mama's-Boy kind of monster!  I still hate that he gets so upset, but I have to admit, it warms my soul to know he loves me so much...

This could turn out ugly for his future wife.  I better get myself in check and not ruin him completely!  Or, maybe I will ruin him so that he'll stay my baby forever... maybe!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Bedtime Battles

Bedtime has become battle time at our house.  I'm not even sure when or how it started, but it is a nightmare.

"My tummy hurts because it needs chocolate milk..." "I need to potty..." "My finger is sticky..." "I'm not (yawn) sleepy..." and my personal favorite: "I need um,, ...ummm, well, I need something!" There are so many excuses, I can't even keep up!

Lately, it takes around an hour before Emma finally stays in bed. I have tried a little bit of everything, but nothing seems to work.  I have started bed time earlier/later, I have spanked, I have put her right back in bed without speaking a word to her, I've even taken her toys from her.  She still gets up!

Short of strapping this kid to the bed, I don't know what else to do!

It is seriously taking a toll on me.  I just don't know what happened to my good sleeper.  I mean, really, she was such a good bed timer!  And, now, not so much... I can't figure it out.

It is such a frustrating time because I don't know if she is just stalling to be stalling or if she is dealing with something she can't verbalize yet.  Either way, I want to help her... I just feel helpless.

I hope that this gets better soon.  She needs her sleep, and Mama needs her sanity!

Friday, December 2, 2011


I was in Wal-Mart the other evening with both kids. I only needed one thing, but you know how it is in Wal-Mart... One thing always turns into at least ten.

Anyway, I was strolling along with Jack strapped on my chest in the Baby Bjorn and Emma in the buggy, making my way through the store. And, being the holiday season, Wal-Mart was a mad house. So, as I was strolling along, I was having a pity party in my head... I was tired, frustrated, and just having a moment. You know the ones... Where you feel unimportant, unneeded, etc...

Finally, though, at least ten items later, I headed to the check-out lines, which were four deep. As I was standing, waiting my turn, an older gentleman approached me. He walked up smiling and my first thought was 'what has Emma done!?!' (She has a tendency to draw attention to us when we are out in public.)

Anyway, he approached carefully and said excuse me. So, now, I'm thinking that he needs help finding an item. But he continued by saying, "I just had to tell you that seeing you with your kids tonight was worth my trip to town." He continued, saying, "They are beautiful and you are too. I have enjoyed seeing a beautiful family while I was out."

I thanked him several times over and held back tears.

God knew that I needed that tiny bit of acknowledgement right then. And He put that stranger there.

Those few words of kindness truly brightened my day!