My Family

Emma is my little blue-eyed sprite. At only 2-years old, she is already so full of personality. Whether she is playing mommy with her dolls, swinging her golf clubs, or playing with Meiko, she is always so animated.

She can often be found flipping through the clothes in my closet, playing with my shoes or carrying around my purses. She is such a girly girl; she infuses our home with so much laughter, love, and drama.

The newest addition to the family is Jack. He made his debut April 8, 2011, and has added so much love and joy to our family. From day one, he has been captivated with Emma, responding with smiles and babbles to her hugs, kisses, and giggles. 

He is already head-strong, knowing exactly what he wants. A bit of a mama's boy, he prefers to take in the scenery perched on my hip. Such a happy, laid-back baby, he will go with the flow as long as he feels he is included in the action... Don't think you are getting out of his sight!

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