Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Potty Training

First, let me just say that Halloween was a lot of fun around here.  I will post pictures and blog all about it soon, but first, a more important matter...

Potty Training.

Last week, while she was sick, Emma insisted on taking her clothes off and sitting on her potty...  The one that I hid in the closet a few months ago and she has not seen since.  And, when I say insisted, I mean stomping feet, crying, tearing at her clothes, screaming, INSISTED.  So, I did what any good mother would do... I gave in.  I decided that since she felt so bad that if this one thing would make her happy, then why not.

I stripped her down and let her spend nearly all of her waking hours naked.  She wasn't drinking much, so she wasn't wetting much.  Therefore I didn't have too many accidents to worry about.  She did lots of sitting on her potty, but not actually going.  I put her diaper back on for nap time and of course she went in her sleep.

The next day, she got up that morning and again insisted on taking her clothes of and sitting on her potty.  So, again, I indulged her.  It was either that or a long day of insisting*.

*See definition above.

And, since using the potty is what we are working toward at this stage in life, I figured that indulgence was the right thing.  Especially since my Mama, Emma's Granna, told me that if she wanted to use it, I really shouldn't discourage it.

Anyway... Day 2.  We were watching television and she said uh-oh.  I came running to find that she had started to go in the floor.  I quickly helped her to her potty and she finished going in it.  I cheered and clapped and made a huge deal over it, but she wasn't impressed.  It was like she was no longer interested in the potty.

She went several days not asking about it, nor did she pay it any attention when she saw it.  I decided that I wasn't really ready to potty train her, so I wouldn't push the issue.

Well, yesterday, we were preparing to nap and she just would not go (have I mentioned that she is now in a toddler bed? Yeah, that happened the night before potty day 1).   She wanted her pants off, which she tells me when she wants to go potty.  Hearing my Mama's voice in the back of my head, I took her pants off and she sat on her potty.  She sat there, and sat there, and sat there.  Finally, she got up and ran to her room.  I looked in the potty and lo and behold she had actually gone!  I was jumping up and down with excitement!  I clapped and cheered and danced.  Emma came running back to me and smiled, but then turned and went back to her room.  I followed her and she went straight to her bed.  I cleaned her up, put a diaper on her and she went right to sleep.  She took a long nap and then we were gone for the evening, so we didn't sit on the potty anymore.

Today, she got up, and in her typical fashion, anytime she wet her diaper she cried for me to change her.  Which I did.  Then she took an early, much needed nap.  When she got up, she wanted her diaper off and wanted to sit on her potty.  It was a little late, as she had already gone in her diaper, but I let her sit a while anyway.  While we are at home, I usually let her go either bare bottomed or in training panties.  We hadn't gotten a pair of panties on yet, so she was playing bare bottomed.  She got really still and all of a sudden I smelled it... Poop!  She had pooped in the floor... Two inches from her potty.

I picked her up and sat her on it... too little too late... and cleaned up the mess.  She watched while I cleaned it up and told her that poo-poo goes in the potty, but she didn't quite get it.

I have decided that today will be good day to head on over to the book store and find a book about going to the potty.  I really think that she is close to getting it.  At least I hope she is since she is so insistent on using the potty all the time.  She tells me when she is going in her diaper and then cries to be changed.  So, I do believe that it is time to run with it and see what we can do.  Hopefully, this will be a fairly easy experience!  At the very least, it will definitely be an interesting, and probably entertaining, one!

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  1. Oh how I remember the days... My 3 girls were easier to train than my son..before you know it she will be fully poty trained and then there will be times like when your out on the road or at the mall and she has to go and you wish she still had her diapers..LOL.

    Anne @ http://lessonsthrulife.com