Friday, November 19, 2010

Catch up and Five Question Friday

My head is really foggy.  I have developed a cold... Lucky me.  And, what's luckier?  I'm pregnant, so medications are limited.  So, I'm stuck just waiting it out.  Blah.This past week has been crazy.  Let's see... Last Sunday, Emma was fine.  Fast Forward a few hours and this is how the rest of the day played out... We were preparing for the annual Sweet Potato Pageant.  She was in a good mood until time to go on stage.  She screamed "I got you, Mama.  I got you, Mama". And clung to me.  She was trembling.  I knew it wasn't stage fright.  I also knew it was fever.  All of this happened in the seconds, literally, before I took her on stage.  Once one stage, I put her down and she screamed, stomped her feet and cried.  Needless to say, we didn't win anything.  Not that I cared or that I needed three strangers telling me whether my beautiful baby is well, beautiful. Anyway, by the time we got home, which was about 30 minutes, she was burning up with fever and lifeless. We gave her Motrin, which didn't break the fever, then Tylenol, which didn't break the fever either, and finally a cool bath.  Still, her fever wouldn't break.  She also had developed a very croupy cough by this point and had labored breathing.  Thank goodness that my sister and sister-in-law are both nurses and a nurse practitioner.  We gave Emma a breathing treatment for the cough, but she was still not good. After all of this, we decided that it was time to head to the ER.  I gathered our stuff and we rushed off.  It was dark by this time.  Emma was strapped in her car seat, with a Barney video playing.  Every time I turned around to look at her, her cheeks got redder and redder.  She literally glowed like a fire ball.  And, I could hear her breathing over the sound of the video.  It was terrible.  There was nothing I could do to help her.By the time we got checked in at the ER, her fever had come down a little, but her cough and breathing still weren't good.  We finally got called back to a room to wait some more.  We were at the hospital that my sister works at, so she knew several of the people that we would be dealing with... That calmed me a little bit. We finally had a nurse come in, and by that time Emma was feeling better.  It is amazing the difference in someone who is sick with fever and sick without fever.  All of her symptoms had improved since her fever started going down.  The doctor made his way in and checked her out thoroughly.  He ordered a white count check and x-rays.  She did good with the finger stick... didn't cry at all!  Actually, the band-aid was more of a source for a melt-down! I didn't give the x-rays much thought at first, but then it hit me... X-rays... I'm pregnant... I couldn't go back there.  Luckily, Jennifer and Jena were with me.  Jenn went with Emma and Jena stayed with me.  I was dying inside knowing that my baby was being poked and prodded without me there to comfort her.  It was miserable.  But, when they came back, Jenn said she didn't cry at all.  What a big girl!Once the doctor had time to look at her white count, which was good, and her x-rays, which weren't too bad, we were given medicine and sent home to take it easy.  Emma fell asleep on the way home and slept all night without the return of fever!  YAY!We made our way back to our house Monday afternoon to relax and re-cooperate for the rest of the week.  And, it pretty took the whole week!
Things have been better for Emma, this week, though.  Thank goodness!  She has had a fun week at school with Thanksgiving parties and activities.  I helped with the Thanksgiving party and all of the kids had a great time!  They were all so cute! 
I'm looking forward to the weekend, even though it is going to be busy.  It's the last home game for the Bulldogs and we are going to cheer them on.  Also, we will enjoy Thanksgiving with my family.  I am definitely looking forward to Grandmother and Mama's cooking!
After all of those fun things, we are going to my 18 week check up on Monday.  I can't wait!  We should be able to find out if this baby is a boy or girl!  I really think it's a biy, but we will see!  Oh, and I have a fun way to announce it to my friends and family... I am going to put it on the Christmas card!  My sister-in-law suggested the idea and I ran with it.  It took a little while to come up with the 'perfect' way to do it, but I finally got it.  I'm so excited!  I will post my Christmas card after it has time to get to everyone!
I think it will really be hard for Chuck to not tell... He can not keep a secret!  For example... ever since we started dating, he has always given me my Christmas gifts early.  He gets excited and can not keep it to himself until Christmas!  It is so funny!  I usually have to tell him "No... I'll wait until Christmas to open it!" 
But anyway... On to Five Question Friday...  Hope that you have a great weekend!" target="_blank" title="Five Question Friday">" img />

1. What Christmas song do you
I really can't think of one that I loathe.  I love them all!  I am so excited that Christmas music is playing on the radio.  Puts me in a great mood!

2. Do you and your significant other cuddle at night or
sleep on opposite sides of the bed?
Here lately we are on opposite sides of the bed... sound asleep before we even hit the pillow!  We used to cuddle all the time, and really try to make a point to cuddle now.


3. Have you ever had surgery?
Yep.  Lots of surgeries.  Nothing too major, but none were fun. 

4. When do you typically have your holiday shopping
Never.  I am such a procrastinator and I am always shopping at the last minute, which means that sometimes stores are out of what I need, so I'm giving pictures of the item and waiting for it to come in after Christmas! 
I did do some of my shopping yesterday, though.  Really proud of myself for starting before Thanksgiving this year!

5. If money were not an issue (and you HAD to pick something), what would your ultimate luxury item be?
A beautiful house on an exotic beach with a private jet to get me there when ever I wanted! 

Happy Friday!


  1. I just joined Bon Bon Rose Girls' Rosebuds. I saw your blog on their list. It is a pleasure to "meet" you!

  2. Thanks so much, Mrs. Werginz... It is a much needed break from sickness! Hopefully, we'll all stay well for a while!

    Ashley, welcome! Thanks for following along! I look forward to following along with you too!