Thursday, November 4, 2010

Minnie Mouse

My sweet Minnie Mouse on Halloween!  

She was so much fun!  After being sick all week, Emma wasn't really interested in putting on her costume.  But, once kids started to show up at our door, dressed in their costumes, she decided that it would be fun to put her's on.  

I got her dressed up and we walked from house to house around our neighborhood.  Emma would just chatter away saying Trick-or-Treat and asking questions about the kids we saw.  But, when we reached someone's door, she would get quite.  Then, as we walked away, she would start saying Trick-or-Teat, Bye, See You Later, Thank You.  It was too cute!

Not too many houses in our neighborhood participated, but that was okay.  We wound up with plenty of candy!  It was just so priceless to share those moments with her, just walking between houses.  

I LOVE my sweet little girl!

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