Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Wagon Wheels, Yogurt Melts and Elmer's Glue

Emma was sitting in her high chair today feeding herself while I prepared her bottle. Being just shy of eight months old, she is still learning the art of getting pieces of food to her mouth. And, this truth has not at all been lost on our Yorkie, Meiko.

When he hears the high chair being adjusted and containers opening, Meiko comes to find his place directly underneath the chair waiting on whatever may fall. Today, however, he got more than he bargained for. Emma was eating yogurt melts and after mouthing one and getting it nice and gooey, drops it to the floor.

Instead of being his usual finicky self, Meiko dives right in and picks it up. However, he wasn't prepared for the sticky texture of the yogurt melt. As soon as he picks it up, he tries to drop it, but it stuck to his tongue! I couldn't help but watch and giggle as he pawed at the goo and shook his head trying to get it out of his mouth. Bless his heart, it finally, as the name suggests, melted away and he went to hide under the bed.

Then, after Emma finished her snack, I was trying to wipe the sticky off of her and found myself in a similar predicament as Meiko. No matter how much I wiped the sticky residue of the wagon wheels and yogurt melts, I couldn't get rid of it. Just when I thought I had her clean, I would find a chunk of goo on the back of her leg, in her hair, and even in her diaper!

All I could think about was "Can you imagine if Elmer's Glue was this strong?" Random, I know, but being "Back to School" time and all, it is what came to mind. Don't ask me why!

But really, think of parents' reactions when they came to pick up their kids from school and every thing and everyone in the classroom was stuck together! That's what I felt like, though... Everything that Emma and I touched stuck to us... napkins, cloth diapers, wipes, spoons, toys, everything! So much so, that it went past aggravating and became comical! Well, at least Emma thought it was pretty funny. It was then I realized that my laughing at Meiko's predicament had caught up with me!
However, as I finished 'cleaning' her up, Emma took her still sticky little hands and pressed them into my cheeks and she leaned her gooey face into mine. And it was at that point, that I, like the yogurt melts, melted!

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