Thursday, August 27, 2009

Ear Aches and Heartbreaks

27 days, 3 different antibiotics, 2 different ear drops, 5 doctor appointments, 3 doctors later, a million tears and a broken heart later...

Emma has been battling an ear infection for almost a month now and my heart is breaking for her.  She has been miserable and there really isn't much I can do.  As a Mama, I want to make it better.  Her doctors have been trying everything they can to treat her, but nothing seems to be working.

Today, I decided to take her back to the doctor to see if the latest antibiotic has helped any.  Unfortunately, it hasn't and we had to take the next step.  Emma had to get a shot of Rocephin today (see her band aid) and will have to go back tomorrow and Saturday for shots each day.  Her sweet nurse came in apologizing for what she had to do to help her feel better.  She told me that Rocephin shots are pretty painful.

Of course, Emma screamed and cried and it just broke my heart.  She doesn't understand that I have to let them 'hurt' her to help her.  She cried most of the 45 minute drive home.  Hearing her crying and knowing that it is her "pain" cry just makes me sick to my stomach.  There was nothing I could do to make her feel better.  And, I have to endure it alone again tomorrow!  Chuck is out of town and will be back tomorrow, but not in time for our appointment.

I am so dreading it!  I know I have family that I can call, but honestly I don't want anyone other than myself or Chuck to touch her!  I go into SUPER OVERLY PROTECTIVE mode when it comes to my baby... especially if she doesn't feel good!

You have heard people talk about how protective a mama bear is... Let me just tell you, you would rather mess with a mama bear than with me when I get in this mode!

It's hard to keep myself from screaming at the doctors and nurses that are helping her.  I just want to protect her from ANY type of hurt.

So, say a prayer for us that these shots work.  We are also being referred to an Ear, Nose and Throat doctor.  I don't want her to have to have tubes, but then again, I know how much they help.  And, I know it is a pretty 'routine' procedure.  It is just scary knowing that my baby may have to have surgery!

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