Friday, August 14, 2009

Peace, Love and NOISE

How is it that sometimes we find peace in situations that do not at all seem peaceful?

Emma and I came to visit my family for the weekend; and as I sit here, there are at least three televisions BLARING, my 2 1/2 year old (absolutely adorable) niece, Laila, squealing, my Mama trying to quiet her (so she doesn't wake Emma), and conversation taking place between my Daddy and Sister, yet I am at complete ease and peaceful. The only way to make this even more perfect is if Chuck were here with us.

I am very much a family oriented person and obviously delight in being surrounded by them. It is such a heart warming feeling to sit and be surrounded by some much love.

I am a little teary-eyed and sappy tonight over family because my Daddy came home today. He is a crop duster and spends a good bit of the summer in Iowa working. I always miss him, but this summer, the first that Emma has been here, well, was worse.

Also, my Mama, Sister, Grandmother, Great Aunt , and Papaw were here today. And, it was like seeing them all through fresh eyes. Each of them is so special to me and I look forward to the bond that each forms with Emma.

I realize more and more how blessed I am to have such amazing people in my life and thank God for them daily.

But, before we made it to my parents' house today and I got all teary, Emma and I went to Chuck's work to help him with a benefit cook that he was doing. One of his co-workers has some medical problems and so Chuck and our friend Matthew cooked and sold hamburgers to raise money to help. It was a successful cook and it felt great to help someone else out.

I am truly so lucky to have a husband that has such compassion for others. (I haven't talked much about myself or my family yet, but I am working on descriptions to go with the pictures along the side of my blog.)

Chuck is such a wonderful and talented man. He is a fabulous cook and uses this talent for the good of others. He makes me laugh daily and feel loved always. I fall in love with him again and again every day when I watch him with Emma.

As a new Daddy, he is genius and has a way with her that amazes me. He has such charm and charisma that he is instant friends with whomever he meets. Also, he is an unbelievably carefree, yet serious soul who never stops living life to the fullest. And, even if God had allowed me to, I couldn't have created a more perfect match for myself!

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