Monday, October 18, 2010

Engagement Party

After much planning obsessing, the engagement party for my sister, Jena, and Colten happened.  On Saturday, we celebrated with tons of friends and family their decision to make it official.  Aren't they a precious couple!?!

It was quite an event, and I think it was the talk of Calhoun County!  Especially since the party unofficially started Friday!  We had Accidental BBQ, my husband and his friend's cooking team, cook a whole hog for us, which they started cooking late Friday night... Hence the pre-party.  They set up at my Daddy's airport, and though I wasn't there, I hear they drew quite the crowd.  My niece Laila was there early in the night, but my Mama had to leave with her so that she didn't see the pig... She LOVES pigs and they were afraid that she would be traumatized if she saw it.  

The pre-party continued Saturday with the guys cooking some ribs for everyone at lunch.  We all gathered at the airport again and ate before the wildness of finishing up last-minute details came into play.  After lunch, we headed up to Jennifer and Justin's (my sister-in-law and brother) where the party would take place and got to work.  We hung lanterns, covered tables, finished cooking and planning out the details of what bowls to use and where... you know, all the details that finish off a party.  Everything came together and I headed down the hill to my parents' to get dressed.  I made it back by six, and though the party didn't actually start until 7:00, people began arriving.  Being Southern, we are obsessed with SEC Football.  And, being Mississippi State University fans, we, and most of the guest, were not about to miss kick-off, which happened at 6:00.  So, the party started early, and we wouldn't have had it any other way.  

It was a fun evening of food, football, corn hole, beersbie (this requires a whole 'nother post!) and music.  Everyone had a great time cheering the Bulldogs on to victory, competing in backyard games and especially visiting.  

I know that Jena and Colten were touched by the outpouring of friends and family that were there to celebrate them.  They had so much fun having all of their friends together, getting to know one another before their upcoming wedding.  Thanks to everyone who came by, helped out, etc.  You are very appreciated!

Here are a few photos from the party... Enjoy!


  1. How wonderful!! I know you are having a blast with your sister's wedding festivities! I loved when my sisters got married!! I like the pic of the guys heads all turned to see the tv!! :)

  2. Well, after several attempts at posting comment from my phone..I isn;t possible..imagine that!

    anyway, love love love the pictures....Jena looked so beautiful and it showed in all the pictures! I am so glad that you got some great shots because I was totally out of the photo realm....didn't even have my camera...want copies!!

    It was a blast and sharing this joy of celebration with jena and colten was so great! I am looking forward to the rest of the festivities!

  3. This party was so much fun! Jena did glow all night long! I can't wait to photograph and share all of the upcoming fun!

    Those guys were all glued to the t.v. and the game. Way to go Bulldogs!