Saturday, March 6, 2010

Changes Complete... Sort of! And more!

I think I have most of the major changes taken care of in my blog.  Now, I'll just fine tune it as I go along.  Let me know your thoughts on the new layout.  I think that it is a little easier to navigate.  Do you?


It is a beautiful morning.  We are planning on going to a little festival today that has a bar-b-que cook-off.  It will be so nice to get out and enjoy the weather.  We are going to take Emma's wagon and pull her around.  She is going to love it!

We have been playing outside on the pretty days, and she loves it.  She will ride in her wagon for hours if someone will pull her! When she wants to go out she will stand at the door and say 'sss-ide.'  And, then, once we get outside she constantly repeats 'sss-ide.'

Yesterday, Chuck and I took Emma on a ride in the golf cart.  She loves to ride on it.  Meiko, our Yorkie, decided that he wanted to go with us.  So, he loaded up and sat in Emma's lap.  She laughed the entire time.  He usually stays just out her reach, so it was a fun treat for her to get to hold him.  We went down to a little pond in our neighborhood that has ducks and geese.  Chuck and I kept saying 'duck' and finally Emma began saying it too.  Her pronunciation was duck-ssssss.  She loves to make 's' sounds.   Some of her favorite words are 'ssss-top,' 'ssss-ock,' and 'ssss-ide.'

She is so much fun right now, learning so many things so quickly.  I love being home with her and getting to see how fast she is learning!  I am trying so hard to live in the moment and take it all in, but it is still going by too fast!

Happy Saturday to each of you!  Enjoy this beautiful weather!