Friday, March 19, 2010


If you hear a loud buzzing sound, do not  worry!!!  No giant bees are headed your way... I don't think, anyway!

That sound will actually be me!  I am busy as a bee these days!  It has been quite the week.  It started with a decision at the end of last week to try to get an invitation to the Canton Flea Market.  I found out at the beginning of this week that I indeed will be able to exhibit there!  And, I will be on the square!  Very exciting news!

In the midst of all of this, Emma developed a cold and an ear infection.  So, we spent 3 hours at the doctor's office Monday morning.  Luckily, we seemed to have caught it early and she is feeling much, much better!  I just hope that it doesn't linger like last time.  I don't want her to suffer through that again.

Also, we will be showing our house again tomorrow.  The couple that will be looking at it actually looked at it a couple of weeks ago... along with 5 other houses.  They liked ours the best, and are only looking at it tomorrow.  They were waiting on some things with their jobs to be finalized before making an offer, and word is that those things have been finalized.  Wow!  After three years of living here, I can't believe that we might actually be selling... FINALLY!!!  I love this house, but I really want to be closer to my family.  I miss them terribly!  And, I want Emma to grow up close to them.  She has so much fun playing with Laila, her cousin; and they love each other so much!  Plus, she has great grandparents (my grandparents) there that adore her.  I want her to have the chance to know them.  So many kids never have that opportunity and she is truly blessed.

Which, I am sure that if this couple wants to buy the house that it will be one of those things that they want it... now.  Which means that I will be juggling packing, moving, prepping for Canton and whatever else life throws me all at once.  I have already told Chuck that I guess I can sleep after May!

I am excited and stressed all at the same time.  I have a tendency to do things this way... have nothing going on for a while and then have a million things going for a while!  I guess it keeps me on my toes.

Oh, and, did I mention that during all of this, my internet was out this week?  Uh, yeah... 3 days without it!  It really wouldn't have been a big deal, but I was in the midst of working on my website.  You know, the really cute one with all the unique,personalized tees, dresses, bibs and stuff??? You know... I knew you would remember it. :)  Anyway, I was in the midst of working on it and somehow I removed everything!  Yep, I did.  And, I have no idea how to get it back.  I have been a little sick over it.  Especially since several people have contacted me saying that they wanted to order, but my site is down.  Yeah... oh, and get this.  Now that I finally have internet, the person that I would normally talk to is out on maternity leave... indefinitely.  Oh, yes, you did read that right, INDEFINITELY!  So, I am going through someone else to get this taken care of, and while I am at it, I will be making some updates to my site.  I think that it will be much easier to navigate and even cuter than before!  So, I guess it all works out, huh?  The downside is that it may possibly be the end of next week before I can have it up and running again.  So, now it is a waiting game.

And, I'm sure there is more that I am leaving out, like how Emma was sitting in my lap today and when she got up she left a large wet, green stain on my white capris!  She leaked through her diaper, her clothes, and my clothes!It was disgusting, but I guess the old saying "S--- happens" is true!

Hope you have a fantastic weekend!  Happy Spring!