Thursday, January 6, 2011

30 Days of Truth... Day 8

No, you haven't missed the first seven... I just ran across this on one of the blogs that I follow... A Hasty Life written by Ashley.  I liked today's prompt, so I decided to follow her lead.  I may or may not do more of these.  Guess it depends on the prompt...

Anyway, sorry for being MIA... I have been dealing with internalizing some things and haven't been able to get a sentence typed out.  Not that today is any better, but, oh well.  At least this prompt gets me going in a different direction and allows me to get my mind on something different for a few minutes.

I'll catch you up on our Christmas soon, maybe even post some pictures!  Now, on to today's last Sunday's prompt!

DAY 8: Someone who made your life hell or treated you like s#!+

There have been several of those people over the years.  And, for the most part, I cut them out of my life quickly and effortlessly.  However, there have been some that haven't been so easily dealt with.  Like in grade school when you had no choice but to go and deal with the same people, telling the same lies, day after miserable day.  I admit, it bothered me for a while.  But, then I came to realize that even though they may tell lies about me and be my friend one day second and foe the next, it really had nothing to do with me.  It wasn't easy, realizing this at that time.  But, eventually, with the support and guidance of my Mom and a few others, I finally got it.  

Funny thing is, even though I am two and a half hours from the town I grew up in, and at least that far from the majority of those people, I still hear about them and their lives.  Between visiting back home and the magic of Facebook, I get just enough information to know that somethings never change.  And, though I don't need to be reminded, I am... It really never was about ME.  I just happened to be convenient.  

Now days, when I find people like this trying to creep into my life, I am better able to cut them out more quickly and easily... without too much emotional damage.  However, there are still one or two that, though I can distance myself, I can't cut them out completely without causing more damage than letting them stay causes.  It drives me insane, too, because I don't handle fakeness well.  And, that comes with the territory.  I am polite and civil with these people, which is all that I can be.  Sometimes I feel that it comes across as fake, which I guess it is.  But, what's a girl to do?  It is really the fakeness of the other person that gets to me.  You know the ones... the ones who literally act as if you hung the moon to your face, or rather in front certain people, and then you become the scum of the earth when certain people aren't around.  That's what drives me insane.

But, anyway, I am slowing learning to not even let that bother me.  I have been doing quite well with it, too, on most occasions.  But, you know the days, the ones when you just can't deal.  They still happen.  Oh, well.

Like I said, I don't know if I'll participate in any more days of truth, but you should definitely go over and check out Ashley's blog... A Hasty Life.  It is always a good read!


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  1. Jes, sorry you have been dealing with some stuff lately! You know I love you and I am always here, as always!
    I know just what you mean about the turth that lies in all of this. As we grow and live, we are inevitably faced with people, such as this coming into our lives...for was the most difficult lesson, I EVER learned! And certainly one that I learned the hardest way of all...gut wrenching pain and disappointment. I do feel that I came out of this part of my life a stronger, happier, and more focused christian person. You helped me through that and always love me despite myself! For this and a million other reasons, I am thankful for you and your friendship! You are a great friend, one I count in my daily are prayers for smiling days ahead! After all baby Jack is coming to town!!!! love you