Thursday, December 23, 2010


Obviously, I survived last week and all that I had to get done to be prepared for Emma's school and birthday parties.  Really and truly, everything went off without a hitch.  And the only real snafus weren't major ones.

After Emma's school party, I tried to make it out the door and to the car in one trip... Not very smart.  Especially since Emma was having a melt down and demanding to be carried.  After a bit of trial and error, I finally sound a way to load myself like a pack mule and head to the car.  Yes, I am twenty-two weeks pregnant, yes, Emma does weigh 30 pounds, yes, I did have my camera bag loaded down with camera, flash, lenses, etc..., and yes, I also had Emma's school bag with all of her crafts, her Christmas present from her teacher, Christmas present from her party AND the container of sausage balls.  Oh, and did I mention that I had on heels?

Anyway, out the door and across the street I head to the car.  The entire way Emma was screaming, "I hold, Mama!" Which translates to "You're dropping me!"  I made it to the car without actually dropping anything, though, Emma would beg to differ, and I began loading all of our stuff.  However, I had to start somewhere, so I started by putting the sausage balls on the top off the car.  Yes, you know where this is going.

I loaded everything and myself, sat for a minute to catch my breath and take of my shoes, then I pulled out of the parking spot.  I turned at the intersection to head home and I heard it, this loud clunk, followed by a thump and a thud.  I really didn't have a clue what it was at first.  I actually thought that someone threw something at my car or that I had hit a animal.  I slowed down and checked my mirrors to see if there was anything to see.  And, there it was... In my rear view mirror I could see my large container filled with still warm sausage balls sitting in the middle of the intersection.  My first thought was forget it!  I was not going back for them.  But, that only lasted a fraction of a second.  I really wanted those sausage balls!  I couldn't find a place to stop, so I had to make the block to get back to them.

As, I was pulling up, it happened... Some kids, who I think should have been in school, came barreling through the intersection and AIMED for my container of still warm sausage balls!  I saw it in slow motion... they were laughing, and then the driver jerked the steering wheel, eyes wide with mischief, and then the front tire hit the container, sliding a little like it was trying to scoot out of the way, then succumbing to the tire and being sucked under and crushed.  Little pieces of plastic and sausage balls scattered all over the intersection.  It was only a matter of seconds, but it seemed to happen over the span of several minutes.

I was quite upset because I wanted to eat some of those things so bad!  I had slaved over them the night before and with the exception of the one little one I ate... to be sure it was done... I hadn't had any.  I was quite bummed out, but I had to remind myself that at least it happened AFTER the party, so the kids were able to enjoy them.

As for Emma's birthday party, the only thing that 'went wrong' was that I forgot to get balloons until 15 minutes before the party started.  I sent Chuck out for those and he returned just in time with a handful of pink balloons!  Emma had a blast at her party and got lots of great presents.  She had so much fun playing with her friends and eating cake and ice cream.  We are so thankful for all the love!

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  1. I am going to hunt those teenagers down!! I am so sorry about what happened...I leave stuff on top of my car too!!! I am glad the rest of her party went well though!! Thank you so much for your sweet are the best! We need to plan a blogger party asap!! Can't wait to follow you and your cute blog!!!