Sunday, January 9, 2011


Our Saturday was FILLED with excitement!  How about yours?

We rolled out of bed and began getting ready for the first of two birthday parties.  While getting ready, Chuck and I got Emma to sing Happy Birthday so that she would be all practiced up and ready to sing when the time came.  She got quite the kick out of singing Happy Birthday all morning!  Though, she made it know she would rather sing Jingle Bells.  She has gotten quite good at it, now that her Christmas play is over... Oh well, maybe next year!

Once we were dressed, we made a mad dash out the door to get to the first party.  It was a super cute 'Tea Party' complete with tutus and bow ties!  And, it was located at the Dentzel Carousel, which is this old, beautiful carousel here in town.  As soon as we opened the door to go in, Emma began to squeal.  She was so excite!  She has been to several parties there and can NEVER get enough of riding the animals round and round.  Thankfully, Chuck went with us and I didn't have to ride.  I used to love anything that spun you around as a child, but I absolutely cannot take it these days!  Just thinking of it makes me dizzy... and queasy.

After several rides and lots of cake and ice cream, it was time for the party to end, but not before receiving her party favors... cotton candy, a balloon, and a 'purse' shaped treat bag.  She had such a good time and cried when it was time to leave.

Little did she know that the next party we were going to was also at the carousel.  But, we had a little time to kill first, so we ran back to the house and let me grab a snack since I missed breakfast.  Chuck stayed in the car with Emma while I ran inside to pick up something for us to snack on.  When I came back out, she was still clutching her basket, which is the purse shaped treat bag, and chattering about it.  She wanted her cheese and milk, but didn't want to let go of her basket.  It took her a little while, but she managed to get her basket stuffed beside her in her seat so that her hands were free.

Back we went to the carousel, and as soon as we pulled up, she started squealing again.  She was ready to ride.  Chuck got her out of her seat and tried to convince her to leave her basket.  No way was she leaving it behind.  So, in we went with her basket  in tow.

She rode the carousel again and again without even beginning to loosen her grip on her basket.  Even as it was time to sit down for cake, pizza and ice cream, she still clung to it.  After a few more rides on the carousel... still hanging on to her purse... it was time to go and Emma was worn out!

We got home and Chuck put her down for a nap.  I heard the ordeal over the monitor, but didn't see it.  When Chuck came out, Emma was wailing and he explained that he took her basket before putting her down for her nap.  As tired as she was, I really thought that she would fall asleep quickly and forget about the basket.  No such luck... she kept crying.  So, I took all the stuff out of her basket and took it to her.  As soon as I walked in her room, Emma said 'Daddy take away' and started to cry again.  I assured her that Daddy was only trying to take care of her and finally got her calm.  She went on to sleep and I tried to pick up around the house.

While Emma napped, I tried to pick up around our house, but didn't make any progress.  Then it was time for me to get ready.  Chuck and I had a date planned for the night.  We were going to Jackson for dinner and to see Riverdance.

Emma finally woke up and I got her ready to go to Chuck's parents' house for the night.  We backed out of the driveway and Chuck said, "You think we should turn on the outside lights?"  I said that I would if he wanted me to.  He decided he did and as I was getting out he said, "Be sure you set the alarm."  So, I ran in, turned on the lights and set the alarm.  Off we went.

We got Emma settled and headed to Jackson.  We listened to the Saints game on the way and hope to catch the end of it at one of the restaurants.  Just as we pulled in to park, Chuck's phone rang.  It was our alarm company.  Our alarm was going off at home and they were checking to see if it were an accident.  We told them to send the police to check things out and then began the panicking.   Chuck called one of our neighbors and asked him to dive by and check things out.  He did, and said that he didn't see anything.  The cops got there while he was there.  They checked things out and found our laundry room window was raised an inch or two.  Not something that we had done... Once they finished walking around the house and determined that  everything was okay, they left.

Then, Chuck called a friend of his, who just happens to own the alarm company we use.  His friend went to our house and actually went in to look around.  From what he could tell, nothing had been bothered... not that he would have been able to tell, our house was a wreck!  But, anyway, he thought that the balloon from the birthday party had set it off.  We decided that he was probably right, but were still very unsettled about the window.

We stayed in Jackson long enough to have dinner, not that we had much of an appetite, and see Riverdance.  It was captivating!  I have seen Lord of the Dance, so I had an idea of how great it would be.  However, Chuck didn't know what to expect.  He was just as amazed as I was.  We were able to relax a little and enjoy the rest of our evening.

When we got home, we checked every room, door and window, but didn't find anything out of place.  Then we decided to try a little experiment with the balloon and the alarm.  No matter what we tried, we were unable to trigger the alarm with the balloon.  So, that brought back up the uneasiness and violation we felt earlier.

Chuck decided to get his gun out of the truck and put it by our bed, where it once always stayed.  We set the alarm and went to bed hoping to get a little sleep.  Luckily, we were able to and no more alarms sounded during the night.  We woke up still feeling a little violated and determined that never again would we walk away from our house without setting the alarm.  We have had all the excitement we could ever want as far as that goes!

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