Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Say What!

I was cooking breakfast the other morning and Emma came in the kitchen with her dress-up clothes on.  This particular outfit is one that she had been wearing every day, so I decided to snap a few pictures of her.

She was being her usual self and turning her back to me while I had my camera.  So, after countless attempts and pleading with her to 'Say Cheese,' I still hadn't gotten her to look at me.

I was about to go put my camera away and Chuck came into the kitchen.  He wanted me to try again and asked her to look at me and say 'cheese.' She said no and kept peeling apart her stickers.

A few seconds passed and she turned to look at Chuck and me and said, "No, Daddy. Don't say cheese.  Say 'Cold Beer!'"


  1. Cute! The things kids pick up and say!

  2. Seriously? Could that little girl be any more cute!??

  3. Thanks! She is such a mess... I never know what she is going to say next!