Saturday, November 26, 2011


Are you brr-ing where you are, yet?  We aren't here for the most part.  A few mornings and evenings have been down right chilly, but mid-day is still in the 70s.

Emma, however, acts as if we live in Antarctica...  She isn't a bit dramatic, and I don't EVER use sarcasm.

I have to admit, though, it is pretty cute to hear her say, "Mama, I'm brr-ing! Are you?"  She has heard me say ''Brr... Are you freezing?" when I get her out of the tub.  And from that she has coined the word 'brr-ing.'

In the picture above, we were at Disney's Hollywood Studios waiting on Fantasmic to begin.  Though it had been 80 degrees all day, the temperature dropped once the sun went down.  Being the great mama that I am, neither of my kids were dressed for cold weather, nor did I have anything in their bags.

Thanks to Aunt Jenn for being prepared!  She had extra clothes for Laila that Emma borrowed. And I was able to wrap Jack in his blanket to keep him warm.  Emma took one of the blankets and had Aunt Jenn create a coat for her.  She thought she was hot stuff... Emma, not, Jenn! Well, Jenn may have, but she kept it to herself and didn't strut around like Emma did.

Anyway, Emma was brr-ing that night... Along with the rest of us.  And, honestly, 'brr-ing' is about the only word I know that sums it up.

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