Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Emma's First Dance Recital

I don't know when I have ever felt as proud as I did the night of Emma's first dance recital.  She did such an awesome job.  As I watched her on stage, I could just feel my heart swell with pride.  My eyes teared up, and I literally thought my chest would explode.

Emma took to the stage and performed like a champ.  During her first routine, Fairy Ballet, her class stole the show.  They waved and blew kisses until they were carried off stage by the teachers.  Later, they performed their tap routine, If You're Happy and You Know It."  They had the entire audience clapping and singing along with them.  It was so cute!

Between numbers, we hung out backstage and took in all the chaos around us.  There were probably a couple hundred people backstage... dancers, moms, teachers, helpers, etc... and probably twice that many balloons.  Each dressing table was decorated perfectly, with signs, flowers, balloons, and gifts.  And, then you had the necessities mixed in, too... make-up, hairspray, curling irons, costumes, tights (2 colors), shoes, and all the other accessories that we needed.  Then, on top of having all of those things, each table also had snacks, drinks, and entertainment... colors, paper, stickers, puzzles, etc. It was complete and utter chaos.  Fun chaos, though.

I really think that I enjoyed it as much as, or maybe more than, Emma.  It brought me back to my dancing days, but gave me a new perspective.  A mom's perspective.  I never thought about all of the planning and prepping my mom always had to do for me!

Emma and I were both exhausted once we were done, but I think we are both looking forward to the next one!

Here are a few of my favorite pictures from recital.  Hope you enjoy!



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