Thursday, December 16, 2010

Today's an absolutely fantastic day

Today's an absolutely fantastic day.  I mean, seriously, why wouldn't it be?  It's not like I have massive sinus infection that I've had for months that has gotten so bad that my face is swollen.  It's not like said swollen face was head-butted by my two year old and brought me to tears for at least ten 5:30 this morning.  It's not like I was up all night due to said sinus infection.  Oh, and it's not like I projectile vomited grape juice all down my hall way, all over myself and the bathroom while my two year old followed along mimicking me as I vomited.  It's not like my house is a disaster and there are only a few squares of toilet paper left in it, which will require a trip to Wal-Mart sooner rather than later.  It's not like I have to cook and prep for Emma's school party on Friday and her birthday party on Saturday... which I have done nothing to prepare for, meaning said trip to Wal-Mart will be ridiculously long.  It's not like I have to actually take care of Emma, too, while dealing with all of this.

Like I said... today's an absolutely fantastic day.

Happy Thursday!

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