Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Little Miss Smarty Pants

On the way to Granna and Pop's, the other day, Emma said, "Mommy, I see Emma."  Not knowing, really, what she was talking about, I replied, "Oh, really?  Good."  However, my answer wasn't quite what she was looking for.  She kept saying "Mommy, I see Emma."  So, I asked her where she saw Emma.  She told me "In the sky" and then said, "I see Mommy and Jack in the sky, too."  I looked out the window where she was pointing, but didn't see anything.

I have to admit that I was a little freaked out.  My first thought was that maybe she saw angels... Because I do believe that children can see angels.  But then I started to ask myself what if she is really seeing us in the sky as angels!  I had a few moments of panic that something terrible was going to happen to us, but then managed to reign in my much-too-vivid imagination.

I kept asking questions to try to get more information out of her, but all she would say is that she saw Emma and Mommy and Jack in the sky.  I kept driving and glancing out the window, trying to see "Emma and Mommy and Jack in the sky."  Then, as we went around a curve, I glanced out again and noticed something in the sky that I wasn't able to see before... There were several clouds shaped like letters, rough letters, but close enough that even my two-year old could make them out... 'E' for Emma, 'M' for Mommy, and 'J' for Jack... just like I have been teaching her with our tub letters... Little Miss Smarty Pants!

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