Sunday, April 3, 2011

Batteries Not Included

Emma and I attended a birthday party yesterday for our cousin, Noah.  It was a beautiful day, and a great outdoor party. 

As the party was coming to an end, the kids took their turns batting at a pinata.  Though Emma didn't take part in this part of the party (for the saftey of everyone involved!), she did go pick up candy and treats once the pinata had been broken. 

She returned to me with her goody bag and we looked through it.  After sampling all of the candy, she came across a kazoo.  She inspected it before putting it to her mouth and blowing on one end.  Nothing happened, so she took it out of her mouth, looked at it again and blew on the other end.  Still, nothing happened.  Then, she handed it to me and screamed, "Batteries! Batteries!  It needs batteries!"

Happy Sunday!

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