Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Pay it Back or Pay it Forward?

That is my dilemma... Do I try (and more than likely come up short) to pay someone back for all they have done?  Or do I pay it forward?

Have someone like this in your life?  Someone that you would love to pay back, but you know there is no earthly way to do so?  If you don't, I hope that someday you will.  Why is that?  Well, because if you have a person, an angel, really, like this in your life, then you will never take a single breath not knowing that you are truly loved.

For me, this person is my Mama.  I can not imagine not having her in my life.  She is definitely my go-to person when it comes anything and everything.  The woman can cook, clean, organize, fix, comfort, solve, figure, create, be Mama, be a friend, be a daughter, be Granna... And do it all at the same time and do it effortlessly!

My Mama came for a helpful visit yesterday and stayed the night.  With her help, I was able to accomplish so much!  She helped me dig out my dining room from under the mounds of sewing stuff.  And then, she helped me set up my sewing area and get it organized!  I am so excited to use it; however, I am a little hesitant to mess it up.  But, bibies are calling my name and the Vardaman Sweet Potato Festival is quickly approaching.

So, anyway, back to my dilemma... Do I try to pay her back, which I could never fully do?  Or do I pay it forward to my daughter?  I can only hope to be as loving, supportive and helpful as my Mama is to me.  I honestly don't know what I would do without her.

Honestly, though, and I do mean honestly, I will spend the rest of my time doing both.  And, it will bring me great pleasure to not only try to pay my Mama back, but to also pay it forward to my daughter, Emma, and any other children I may have.

Hey Mama!  Here's to you!  I can't ever express just how much you mean to me and how much I appreciate every single thing you do... I love you!

P.S. Emma was really sad that you had to go home today and so was I!