Saturday, February 12, 2011

This Is IT

This is the VERY LAST photo of Emma with her paci.  I took it on February 2, the day before she decided to throw it away.  Little did I know that day... I would have take thousands of pictures of her with it, had I known.  ***SIGH*** Little did I know...

I was transferring pictures from my camera to the computer today and found it.  Needless to say, I cried.  I am getting better, though.  I'm no longer looking/hoping for ways to give it back.  However, she did ask for it today.  Then, later, she walked by the computer while this picture was up.  She said. "Awe... Emma, paci..... Paci in gar-judge."  Broke my heart.  

We made a mad dash to the bath tub to play with letters after that.  I couldn't let her think about it any longer.  I still might be willing to give it back.  My Daddy thinks I should.  I don't necessarily think he's wrong.  Actually, I probably would have given it back, but seriously can't take the thought of having to go through this again.  

And, now that she doesn't have a paci to take to bed... She takes her cloth diaper, flashlight, Ruby (Cloud B Twilight Ladybug), Dora doll, and about 4 other 'babies' (depending on the night which four) to bed with her.  It used to be just her diaper, paci and Ruby.  It is getting out of hand!

Oh, the lump on her chest.  It isn't anything to worry about.  She stuffs her cloth diaper in her shirt when she's playing and needs both hands, or even sometimes when she sleeps and wants it closer.  She may still have it when she's 100 years old.  I am never encouraging her to get rid of it.  NEVER.

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  1. Your daughter is precious. She reminds me of my own in that mine has to have several dolls, 5-6 "special" stuffed animals, and a handful of cloth diapers (she calls snuggies) in her bed to sleep at night.
    I found you on Picket Fence, and I'm glad to be your new Networked Blogs follower...

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