Sunday, November 15, 2009

Tailgating Fun

I spent yesterday afternoon with Chuck and Emma on the beautiful campus of Mississippi State University.  As Alumni, Chuck and I are huge fans and supporters of MSU Athletics.  We try to make it to most every home football game and as many basketball and baseball games as possible.  Although, not living in Starkville, and having an almost 11 month old, sometimes makes that challenging. 

Yesterday was such a great outing.  We tailgated in our usual spot, just outside the Junction, with our usual crowd.  It was fun times and great food.  The atmosphere was electric and cowbells rang loud and clear all day long.  Even Emma was ringing her cowbell in support of the Dawgs!  It is such a fun atmosphere; it is one of hospitality mixed with some friendly ribbing, as it is not unusual to see a fan of the opposing team at a Bulldog tailgate. The air is always thick with smoke from grills, and there is the slush of a cooler as background music.

To make the day even more fun than usual, my brother, Justin, sister-in-law, Jennifer, and niece, Laila, joined us.  They came with a wagon and babydolls in tow.  The girls had the best time riding in the wagon.  They giggled and played with dolls and truly enjoyed the day.  They posed for the hundreds of pictures that were snapped... Emma ever took her sunglasses off for one!  They both know how to work a camera!


They were definitely a hit on campus, as they feed off one another.  Everyone that passed us had to stop and talk to the girls, who alternately smiled and hid from the passersby.  They squealed with delight as they were pulled through the crowd and around to several different tents.  And, when one squealed, the other did too... only louder!  They played this little game with one another until they burst into fits of laughter...only to begin again when they stopped. 

One of the highlights, if not for the girls, for me, at least, was having Emma's picture taken with Bully.  Suprisingly, she didn't cry, but she truly considered it.  It was something Chuck and I have wanted to do at each game, but haven't had the opportunity.  So, when I spotted Bully in our vicinity, I hauled them over and took several, okay, hundreds of pictures.  Here's the best of Emma and Bully...

We also watched as the coaches and players came through, as well as the band.  Emma loved the band and danced to everything they played.  Even though she had only an hour nap, she was happy the entire day and into the night.  We were able to see a little bit of the game before she became too terribly tired and needed to leave.  Chuck and I loaded her into the car; and before I could back out, she was sound asleep.  It was a quiet ride home, with only Jack Crystil on the radio narrating the game.  Sadly, the Bulldogs didn't pull off the much wanted upset over the Crimson Tide, but overall, the day was a success!